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2012 - GAPSA Executive Board Overview

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2012 - GAPSA Executive Board Overview

  1. 1. Executive Board Brief Descriptions Review
  2. 2. All Executive Board Members Must Submit Monthly Works Multiple Attend Most of Reports to the Hours in the the ExecutiveGeneral Assembly Office per Week Board Meetings Attend to Most Draft a Yearly General Assembly Timeline due in Meetings September
  3. 3. Rep. to the UMAA Delegate Alt. Rep. to Presidential the Board of Duties Regents President Meet with Attend the ViceEvents, Publi Provost for c Image StudentDevelopment Affairs Rep. to the Set Agendas Senate for Exec. Committee Board and on GA Meetings Committees
  4. 4. Coordinate Closely With the President Supervise Review Yearly Monthly Development Reports Evaluation ExecutiveMeet With Vice Chair the Vice President GAPSA’sProvost for Internal Student Affairs Affairs Committee Contact for Manage Grievance Conflict Procedure Resolution
  5. 5. Represent the Assembly and Exec. Board to the Admin, Contribute to Manage Reports to the Website and Board of Newsletter Regents. VP for Administrative Affairs Serve onRepresentative Various to the Board University of Regents Committees Manage Social Media, Videos, and Photos
  6. 6. Determine Which Expenditures are Within Guidelines Prepare the Assist in The Annual Annual Audit Student and OtherServices Fees Tax Request Reporting. VP for Finance Ensure Ensure ThatDistribution Taxes areof College Filed in a Council Timely Funds Manner. Perform Staff Payroll and Other Related Requirements
  7. 7. Oversee the Grant ProgramsGrants Liaison Maintenancewith SAO and of Existing Student GrantsOrganizations VP for Grants Work to Facilitate Improve theMonthly Grant Quality of Meetings Grant Services Supervise the Grants Assistant
  8. 8. Plan Events Taking Into Account Previous Years Coordinate Serve as the Team Building Chair of the Activities With GAPSA the GAPSAProgramming Executive Committee Board VP for ProgrammingCollect Events’ Feedback to Initiate New Increase Programming Student Satisfaction. Attend or coordinate attendance of a GAPSA Rep to all orientations
  9. 9. Direct GAPSA’s policy message at the federal, state, and local level Plan “Support Rep. in the the U Day” in University Coordination Legislative With U. Network Relations VP for PublicPlan Annual VoterRegistration Affairs Rep. at Neighborhood Group Meetings Drives Serve as the Supervise a Chair of the Lobbyist With GAPSA Public the State of Affairs Minnesota Committee
  10. 10. Coordinate participation in meetings with representatives in the College Councils. Act as a Be familiar Liaison with with College Civil Service Council andCommittee, and GAPSA’sFaculty Senate. positions Vice President for Student Affairs Interact Conduct Regularly Withoutreach to and GAPSA form working Members at relationships Meetings Act as a liaison to the Council of Academic Professionals & Administrators (CAPA)