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How to Run a Smoke Test

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A walk-through of how I tested an idea I had for a software product before building it. Demonstrates the concept of a "smoke test", an experiment done to see if demand exists for a product or feature.

I put together this presentation for the lightning talk bake-off for Business of Software 2013. This is the original slide deck with 20 slides before I trimmed it down to 15 slides.

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How to Run a Smoke Test

  1. 1. How To Run a Smoke Test by Trevor Lohrbeer @FastFedora trevor@FastFedora.com FastFedora.com trevor@LabEscape.com LabEscape.com
  2. 2. What is a Smoke Test? A way to test market acceptance before creating a product
  3. 3. The Idea How can I figure out how many people actually read my blog? Page views only measure how intriguing a headline is, not how engaging your content is.
  4. 4. Install ClickTale
  5. 5. Record Videos of Visitors
  6. 6. Categorize Each Video
  7. 7. Summarize Results Only 15% of page views actually read
  8. 8. Ask People for Feedback
  9. 9. E-mail People
  10. 10. Do People Respond?
  11. 11. Get Advice
  12. 12. Develop Hypotheses Idea: WordPress plugin that tells writers who read their articles, not just who clicked on the headline. Hypothesized Values Potential Headlines To Test 1. Measure engagement 1. Write Engaging Articles 2. Improve accuracy 2. Are Your Articles Engaging? 3. Optimize marketing 3. Does Anyone Read Your Blog? 4. Charge more
  13. 13. Create Target Metrics 100 subscribers
  14. 14. Pick a Template
  15. 15. Add Your Content
  16. 16. Publish Your Landing Page
  17. 17. Create Ads
  18. 18. View Your Conversions
  19. 19. Analyze Your Results
  20. 20. View slides at: slideshare.net/fastfedora Trevor Lohrbeer @FastFedora trevor@FastFedora.com FastFedora.com trevor@LabEscape.com LabEscape.com