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Fashion designing institute

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Fashion designing institute

  1. 1. Fashion Designing InstituteFashion designing has always been seen as an urban choice of subject and profession amongststudents. Since fashion is always associated with glitz and glamour, often it is assumed thatfashion design is supposed to be restricted solely to students who hail from cities. Fortunately,such an outlook is gradually getting diminished as a number of students hailing from small townsare making their presence felt in fashion schools as well as the fashion industry.Fashion is all about sensuality which can be seen in our creations. Fashionova presents to youthemes like vertigo, virtual wonders, flavors of India, color black, dark samurai, essence of nature,elves and demons, khadi khaas, 24 carat glamour, secret garden and bubblegum and candy. Ourcollection is fusion of trendy western outfit with an elegant traditional ensemble. The ethnicattires symbolize the essence of purity and represent the rich tradition of India. So, we gonnamesmerize you all with our thrilling, innovative and artistic creations which will be rememberedfor its great beauty and charming look.For more information visit : http://www.fashionova.idt.ac.in/