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The making of Family by Family

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The making of Family by Family

  1. 1. the makingof familyby family
  2. 2. Family by Family is the product of 12 months ofco-design & prototyping with Families in the Marion areaof Adelaide, South Australia. May 2010 - March 2011
  3. 3. radical New solutions 7. GROWredesign New team 2. LOOK & LISTENWhen we developed Family 6. VALUEby Family we started with Problem 1. GET READYpeople, prototyping practice New outcomesand then designed policy. New systems 3. CREATE New scenariosOur approach blends design, 5. PROTOTYPEsocial science & business. SYSTEMS New interactions 4. PROTOTYPE INTERACTIONS
  4. 4. We started with this brief...
  5. 5. designerWe met families in malls, supermarkets, and through doorknocking. We found talking about ‘family stress’ to be agood conversation starter.
  6. 6. sociologistWe wanted to learn what family life was really like. So wespent mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekendswith families, observing what could be different.
  7. 7. anthropologistWe came back to the studio to make sense of what we’dseen & learnt from the families we spent time with.
  8. 8. A key insight was that there were families who had beenthrough tough times and were now thriving. Thesefamilies were an untapped resource.
  9. 9. We brainstormed loads of ideas for how to tap intonatural family resources. We tested an early idea calledthe ‘Family Exchange’. It didn’t catch on.
  10. 10. We went back to the drawing board and came up with theconcept of Family by Family. Family by Family starts withwhat families want to change.
  11. 11. We decided to prototypeFamily by Family at a smallscale for 12 weeks.This meant going back out tosupermarkets and malls totry & attract families to join. x7We had to iterate ourmessages and materials 7times before familiesengaged.
  12. 12. prototype coach prototype sharing familyWe developed three prototype roles - seeking families,sharing families, and professional coaches. At first,people found the roles ‘different’ and ‘uncomfortable.’
  13. 13. We designed, tried, and then re-designed a weekendtraining camp for sharing families.
  14. 14. We came up with a way to profile & match sharing andseeking families. Then, we brought sharing and seekingfamilies together to meet, plan, and do activities.
  15. 15. We created coaching sessions: a time for sharing familiesto brainstorm new ideas and troubleshoot. We found itchallenging to keep the focus on creating change.
  16. 16. x13We came up with tools to help sharing and seekingfamilies keep the focus on measurable change. We tested13 different versions of our measurement tools.
  17. 17. business analystPrototyping Family by Family helped us to learn about thevalue it creates for families, communities, & governmentand from there build a business case.
  18. 18. What next?Improving and spreading the Family by Family model andideas across South Australia and beyond.
  19. 19. adelaide, South australiacall 08 81109955