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Administration powerpoint presentation

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Administration powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. The growth of a company refers to the company growing in size andcapacity, therefore allowing it to supply a wider range and variety ofgoods and services.This however, means that more staff have to be employed andtherefore more money gets spent on employee wages
  2. 2. This means that a company are having to cut down on employees andthe amount of products bought in to save money in the event offinancial deficitIt means that some jobs will be sacrificed and wages will be reducedIt also means that there will be a larger workload for the remainingemployees and workers have more duties than they previously did
  3. 3. This is when a company decides to cut the amount of managementlevels of their organisation (see below)Fewer posts of management are easier to handle and cheaper to pay Board of Directors Chief Manager Deputy Manager Assistant Manager Department Managers Department Leaders Workers
  4. 4. This refers to when a company bring in specialists from outside thecompany to assist them in their expertise in that particular areaDoing this helps strengthen the organisation as ideas and methodscould be left behind for them to use in the future and the organisationalchart will be simpler with fewer full time specialist employees within thecompany
  5. 5. The purpose of the Purchases Dept of a company is to buy in equipment to beused by the employees of the organisation.e.g.: pens, paper, pencils, printer ink, computers etcPrimarily though, they buy in the goods that the company sells to gain prophet.
  6. 6. The Purchasing Manager is the leader of that department and is in control ofthe staff and work of the department, arranging staff training, keeping up-to-datewith new purchasing procedures and dealing with staff discipline.The Purchasing Assistant is responsible for copying documents like order formsand filling in department documents.
  7. 7. The Human Resources department is responsible for the recruitment and managingof staff.They issue job descriptions, personal specifications, employee record cards andcontracts.They advertise jobs that become available, collect application and/or CV forms fromapplicants, prepare a list of applicants and interview them
  8. 8. They arrange training courses for all departments of the business They insure that all employee’s are looked after during their working hours.They keep employee details of sicknesses, holidays, annual leave, accidents andpersonal contact information
  9. 9. The Finance Department are in charge preparing and checking ofinvoices, credit notes and statements from suppliers of goods and/orservices.They prepare cheques for suppliers.Insure that all money that is brought in is banked
  10. 10. Prepare budgets and accountsCalculate wages and prepare payslipsInsure that all employees are paying the correct amount of taxAnalyse the financial situation of the company and shareholders.
  11. 11. The Administration Department are responsible for typing letters etc onword processorsThey create posters to advertise their company withThey handle all ingoing, outgoing and internal mailThey are in charge of the receptionThey are in control of reprographics
  12. 12.  They handle both manual and computerised databases They take care of general office supplies They are in charge of e-mails and faxes They handle petty cash for things like stamps