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Social justice facilitation pack - introductory letter

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Covering letter giving more detail about how to use facilitation resources to start a conversation on how to create a fairer Scotland.

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Social justice facilitation pack - introductory letter

  1. 1. HOW TO USE THE FACILITATION PACK Thank you for wanting to take part in, and support others to take part in the conversation on what a fairer Scotland might look like. We have brought together some material that might help you when you are hosting a conversation. The material is designed to give a bit more background on the current situation in Scotland, where there have been successes and some of the long-term challenges that we face. There are currently 3 parts to the pack: 1. The discussion leaflet – this sets out what the current situation in Scotland is and gives some ideas for aspirations for how a fairer Scotland might look by 2030. Use this is a starting point for discussions – there are some questions on the back to help get the conversation started. 2. The background information slide-set. This provides a range of more detailed information on different areas of life with a particular focus on how they are affected by inequalities. This material could be used for a presentation, to help you increase your knowledge so you feel more confident facilitating a discussion, or to provide to people in your group if they want to know more about an issue. 3. Our Story Banner. This is a tool that helps you look back at how we have got to where we are, considering the history of Scotland from 1945 to set the current situation in context, which in turn will help you look forward at what needs to change and how we need to reshape our society. The banner has room for you to build in your own history of your community or group and see how that fits in with the wider Scottish context. What can you learn from things you have already done, or impacts that the national story has had on your community or interest group? And it has space at the end for you to write your thoughts which you can send back to us – either by post, or taking a photo and emailing us or uploading onto twitter or facebook. The banner is designed to be printed on A3 and assembled either as one long strip or as a booklet. In addition if you are able to keep an eye on the website www.fairer.scot then we will have a resources page where you will find links to reports published by the Scottish Government and others on all the areas under discussion. And feel free to suggest other links that you know about and might be useful to others. Once you have had your conversation then please do feed back to us the issues and ideas that were discussed. You can do this in a number of ways – write a blog post
  2. 2. to go on our website; write a short report to send us by post or email. Or you could make a film of the event, or take photographs of the final page of the banner and the answers to the questions, or of any other ways you’ve found to collect the ideas together. All of these can be emailed or put on our website or facebook page. If you have any particular accessibility requirements which will help us hear from groups who find it difficult to engage in the process than please do get in touch with us at fairer@scotland.gsi.gov.uk and we can discuss with you how we can help you develop materials that will enable these groups to engage.