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CANDDi Insights

See who visited your website and increase your sales with CANDDi Insights. CANDDi Insights is not your regular analytics package, it shows you companies and individuals and tells you what they did on your website.

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CANDDi Insights

  1. 1. CANDDi Insights See who visited your website and increase your saleswww.canddi.comsales@canddi.com+44 161 242 7234@canddi
  2. 2. Today you probably know about leadswhen they enquire Website Visitors
  3. 3.   (incl.
  4. 4.  leads) 3.8% enquiries(*) average conversion rate from e-commerce website - MRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, UK market. Lead generation conversion rate often well below this figure.
  5. 5. But there’s a lot of people who visit yourwebsite you don’t know about Someone from MyCompany ltd visited 3 times and looked at your offering ? for 12 minutes What if Frank (a prospect from 2 months ago) just came you could back to your website know all thatJane downloaded This.pdfbut looked at two otherproducts
  6. 6. Knowing who would probably helpyour business Reduce cold calling Identify and prioritise new leads See the impact of your marketing activities Understand your traffic beyond # of pages views Help your sales team
  7. 7. CANDDi Insights tells you who visitedyour website Many options, including export Quick view of who Filtering visited your website, options including company name, # of visits and location
  8. 8. And shows you details at visitor level How engaged Who is he? is he? What product did he look at? Where is he located? Which product did he enquire on?
  9. 9. And more details at visitor level What pages did he look at? How did he find you? What did he download?
  10. 10. And more details (again) at visitor level What products did he look at? What did he add or remove from the basket?
  11. 11. CANDDi Insights can capture identity Identify visitors from clicks on Identify visitors from Forms emails you send (eg. enquiry)
  12. 12. Installation is a 2 minutes job Single code to paste on each page of your website - nothing else, really.
  13. 13. And our customers tell us it works for them With Canddi Insights, we enjoy a level of detail that goes far beyond that of traditional analytics tools. This has helped us to identify new opportunities that previously might not have come our way. Canddi is very easy to use, does not pose us any data protection worries and works well with our email marketing system. Richard Clothier, Marketing Manager, Phoenix Datacom Seeing prospects returning to our website and downloading materials has dramatically helped our sales team focusing on the right leads and win business we would not have suspected otherwise. Amy Green, Marketing Manager, SolutionsPT
  14. 14. And our pricing is suited to allCANDDi Insights Monthly Unique 1,000 5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 Visitors (up to) Monthly cost ££49 ££99 ££199 ££299 ££499
  15. 15. And CANDDi doesn’t stop here Talk to us if you have more traffic or if you want access to the real time data (we’re talking in milliseconds at CANDDi), or if you think automation would be a good thing
  16. 16. Contact us today for a free Trial and discover who’s visiting your websitewww.canddi.com/trial sales@canddi.com