Utrecht Psalter
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  • Artist: n/a Title: The Kaaba, Mecca Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: n/a Source/Museum: n/a
  • Artist: n/a Title: Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem (interior) Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: 691–2 Source/Museum: n/a
  • Artist: n/a Title: Elements of Architecture: Mosque Plans (Centrally-Planned Mosque) Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: n/a Source/Museum: Centrally-planned mosque: Sultan Selim Mosque, Edirne
  • Artist: n/a Title: Muqarnas Dome, Hall of the Abencerrajes, Palace of the Lions, Alhambra Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: Built between 1354–91 Source/Museum: n/a
  • Artist: n/a Title: East torana of the Great Stupa at Sanchi Medium: Stone Size: height 35' (10.66 m) Date: Early Andhra period, mid-1st century BCE Source/Museum: n/a
  • Artist: n/a Title: Shiva Nataraja Medium: Bronze Size: 32" (81.25 cm) Date: Chola dynasty, 12th century CE Source/Museum: Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. / National Museum of India, New Delhi
  • Artist: n/a Title: Soldiers Medium: Earthenware Size: life-size Date: Qin dynasty, c. 210 BCE Source/Museum: From the mausoleum of Emperor Shihuangdi, Lintong, Shaanxi
  • Artist: Fan Kuan Title: Travelers Among Mountains and Streams Medium: Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk Size: height 6' 9½" (2.06 m) Date: Northern Song dynasty, early 11th century CE Source/Museum: National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.
  • Artist: n/a Title: “Flame ware” (Kaen-Doki) vessel Medium: Earthenware Size: height 12 ⅛ " (30.8 cm) Date: Middle Jomon phase (c. 2500–1500 BCE), c. 2500–2400 BCE Source/Museum: Niigata Prefecture. / Kokubunji, Kokununji City, Tokyo
  • Artist: n/a Title: Haniwa Medium: Earthenware Size: height 27" (68.5 cm) Date: Kofun period, 6th century CE Source/Museum: Kyoto. / Collection of the Tokyo National Museum
  • Artist: n/a Title: Hungry Tigress Jataka Medium: Lacquer on wood Size: height of shrine 7' 7½" (2.33 m) Date: Asuka period, c. 650 CE Source/Museum: Panel of the Tamamushi Shrine, Horyu-ji. / Horyu-ji Treasure House
  • Artist: n/a Title: Main hall, inner shrine, Ise Medium: n/a Size: height 27" (68.5 cm) Date: Yayoi period, early 1st century CD. Last rebuilt 1993 Source/Museum: Mie Prefecture
  • Artist: n/a Title: Colossal head Medium: Basalt Size: height 7'5" (2.26 m) Date: Olmec culture, c. 900–400 BCE Source/Museum: La Venta, Mexico
  • Artist: n/a Title: Pyramid (“el Castillo”) with Chacmool in foreground, Chichen Itza Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: Itza (northern Maya) culture, 9th–13th century CE; Chacmool, 800–1000 CE Source/Museum: Yucatan, Mexico. / Library, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. Wim Swaan Photograph Collection (96, p.21)
  • Artist: n/a Title: Earth drawing (geoglyph) of a hummingbird, Nazca Plain Medium: n/a Size: Length approx. 450' (137 m) wingspan approx. 220' (60.9 m) Date: Nazca culture, c. 100 BCE–700 CE Source/Museum: Southwest Peru
  • Artist: n/a Title: Great Serpent Mound Medium: n/a Size: Length approx. 1,254' (328.2 m) Date: c. 1070 CE Source/Museum: Adams County, Ohio
  • Artist: n/a Title: Pueblo Bonito Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: 830–1250 CE Source/Museum: Chaco Canyon. New Mexico
  • Artist: n/a Title: Head Medium: Terra cotta Size: height 14 3⁄16" (36 cm) Date: c. 500 BCE–200 CE Source/Museum: Nok, / National Museum, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Artist: n/a Title: Head of a king Medium: Zinc brass Size: height 11 7⁄16" (29 cm) Date: c. 13th century CE Source/Museum: Ife. Yoruba. / Museum of Ife Antiquities, Ife, Nigeria
  • Artist: n/a Title: Hip mask representing an i yoba (“Queen Mother”) Medium: Ivory, iron, and copper Size: height 9 ⅜ " (23.4 cm) Date: Middle Period, c. 1550 CE Source/Museum: Benin, / The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Gift of Nelson A. Rockefeller, 1972 (1978.412.323)
  • Artist: n/a Title: Great Friday Mosque Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: Rebuilding of 1907, in the style of 13th-century original Source/Museum: Jenné, Mali, Showing The Eastern and Northern Façades
  • Artist: n/a Title: Purse Cover, from the Sutton Hoo Burial Ship Medium: Cloisonné plaques of gold, garnet, and checked millefiore glass Size: length 8" (20.3 cm) Date: First half of 7th century Source/ Museum: Suffolk, England / The British Museum, London
  • Artist: n/a Title: Chi Rho Iota page, Matt. 1:18 from the Book of Kells Medium: Oxgall inks and pigments on vellum Size: 12 ¾ X 9½" (325 X 24 cm) Date: Late 8th or early 9th century Source/ Museum: Probably made at Iona, Scotland / The Board of Trinity College, Dublin. MS 58, fol. 34r.
  • Artist: n/a Title: Palace Chapel of Charlemagne, interior view Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: 792–805 Source/ Museum: Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle), Germany
  • Artist: n/a Title: Page with Psalm 23 , Utrecht Psalter Medium: Ink on vellum or parchment Size: 13 X 9 ⅞ " (33 X 25 cm) Date: Second quarter of 9th century Source/ Museum: Universiteitsbibliotheek, Utrecht, Holland. MS 32, fol. 13r.
  • Artist: n/a Title: Page with Matthew the Evangelist , Gospel of Matthew, Ebbo Gospels Medium: Ink, gold, and colors on vellum Size: 10 ¼ X 8¾" (26 X 22.2 cm) Date: Second quarter of 9th century Source/ Museum: Bibliothèque Municipale, Épernay, France. MS 1, fol. 18v.
  • Artist: n/a Title: Stave Church, Borgund, Norway Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: c. 1125–50 Source/ Museum: n/a
  • Artist: n/a Title: Cathedral Complex, Pisa Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: Cathedral, begun 1063; Baptistry, begun 1153; Campanile, begun 1174; Campo Santo, 13th century Source/ Museum: Tuscany, Italy
  • Artist: n/a Title: Reliquary Statue of Sainte Foy (Saint Faith) Medium: Silver gilt over a wood core, with added gems and cameos of various dates Size: Height 33" (85 cm) Date: Late 9th or 10th century with later additions Source/ Museum: Abbey Church of Conques, Conques, France. / Church Treasury, Conques, France
  • Artist: n/a Title: Capital: Suicide of Judas, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: c. 1125 Source/ Museum: Burgundy, France
  • Artist: n/a Title: Messengers Signal the Appearance of a Comet (Halley’s Comet), The Bayeux Tapestry Medium: Norman–Anglo-Saxon embroidery Linen with wool Size: height 20" (50.8 cm) Date: c. 1066–82 Source/ Museum: From Canterbury, Kent, England, or Bayeux, Normandy, France / Centre Guillaume le Conquérant, Bayeux, France
  • Artist: n/a Title: Royal Portal, West Façade, Chartres Cathedral Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: c. 1145–55 Source/ Museum: n/a
  • Artist: Title: Medium: Size: Date: Source/ Museum:
  • Artist: n/a Title: Chartres Cathedral, air view from Southeast Medium: n/a Size: n/a Date: n/a Source/ Museum: n/a
  • Artist: Nicholas of Verdun and workshop Title: Shrine of the Three Kings Medium: Silver and gilded bronze with enamel and gemstones Size: 5'8" X 6' X 3'8" (1.73 X 1.83 X 1.12 m) Date: c. 1190–c. 1205/10 Source/ Museum: Cologne (Köln) Cathedral, Germany
  • Artist: n/a Title: Chartres Cathedral, North Transept, Rose Window and Lancets, Known As The “Rose of France” Medium: Stained and painted glass Size: n/a Date: c. 1220 Source/ Museum: North transept, Chartres Cathedral
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