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Web 2.0

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Web 2.0

  1. 1. An example of a Web 2.0 is Pinterest. Pinterest has all three makings of a Web 2.0 website it is free, it has real time and you can collaborate. It is very user friendly and can be used for a variety of things. It can also be used in education and can be a helpful tool to all teachers. Pinerest is a 100% free! You don't pay a thing to use it. It also has real time, once you pin something to your pinboard or start following a board or pinner, it happens immediately. That information is added to your profile. You can also collaborate using Pinterest. People can look at your pins and vice versa, and if you like something from one of their boards you can pin it on one of yours. It is as easy as that. If you see something that one of your friends might like you can send them a pin then they can choose to pin it on their pinboard or not. Many websites now offer a button where you can take a link and pin it to your pinboard. Pinterest can be used for educational purposes too. Teachers can get great lesson plan ideas and assignments off of it. They can find ways to keep children interested with what they are learning. They can find fun games for in the classroom, and fun things that kids can do outside the classroom. In conclusion Pintrest is a Web 2.0 site because it meets all three of the criteria. It is free, it has real time, and you can collaborate. Teachers are able to jazz up their lesson plans with fun games and assignments, and it is supper easy to sign up and use.