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Digital morning, Stockholm, 23 of March

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Digital morning, Stockholm, 23 of March

  1. 1. The New NormalSurviving artificial intelligence Presented by @msweezey
  2. 2. @msweezey ABOUT ME Mathew Sweezey Principal of Marketing Insights Salesforce Author of •  Marketing Automation for Dummies (Wiley) (2013) •  Context Revolution (Harvard) (2018)
  3. 3. NEW ERAUnderstanding This is the only way to solve these issues WE MUST START AT THE BEGINING
  4. 4. I N 1 9 6 0 t h e r e a r e ONLY 5MEIDA CHANNELS @msweezey
  6. 6. N O W I N 2 0 1 7 THERE ARE200+ CHANNELS @msweezey
  7. 7. UNLIMITEDCreation UNLIMITEDDistribution UNLIMITEDConsumption*This is a new era of media @msweezey
  8. 8. BY2020 ConnectedDevices OUTNUMBERHUMANS 7to1 @msweezey
  9. 9. @msweezey TotalAmountofNoise from1900-2030 Blue=Businesses Red=Consumers/Devices
  10. 10. @msweezey InfiniteMediaEra LimitedMediaEra
  11. 11. Theproblem: More media than ever is available & It is not from businesses @msweezey
  12. 12. TheSolution Artificial Intelligence
  13. 13. FORCONSUMERS Filters/Algorithms/ Newsfeeds/Search Results/AutoTAGGING
  14. 14. It’salldesigned toweedout bull sh!t. @msweezey
  15. 15. FORBusinesses Programmaticbuying/ RTB/Automations/ Dynamiccontent/Lead scoring/nurturing
  16. 16. It’salldesigned soyoucanbe Contextual@msweezey
  17. 17. contextHow to break through the infinite noise Surviving in a world of AI requires an understanding of
  18. 18. personal First KEY of context a completely fluid set of experience created for a single person, directed completely by the periphery.
  19. 19. 65% of B2B buyers would switch brands if the vendor doesn’t personalize communication to their business – SFDC RESEARCH 2016 “ @msweezey
  20. 20. BEHAVIORS Companies who use marketing automation see an increase in revenue by 34%. - Pardot
  21. 21. KEY metrics, customer experience & conversions Amazon Doesthis
  22. 22. Butwhathappenswhen everythingispersonal? @msweezey
  23. 23. Authentic Means more than just being genuine, it is “What is expected” 2nd KEY of context
  24. 24. HOW HowDOYOU Engagewith email?
  25. 25. ‘B’=wealldo @msweezey
  26. 26. WeDisqualifybeforewe qualify @msweezey “
  27. 27. Authentic Experiences MaketheBest MARKETING @msweezey
  28. 28. Authentic Experiences BREAKTHROUGH THENOISE @msweezey
  29. 29. Purposeful Purpose is helping them fulfill the desire/ reason they are there in the first place. Purpose is to the moment. 3rd KEY of context
  30. 30. Letslookatsome moments @msweezey
  31. 31. TheMoment Theylandon yoursite @msweezey
  32. 32. The average number of page views per session is 1.7 on B2B sites. “ @msweezey
  33. 33. predictive Sales jumped 50% by introducing predictive content DYNAMIC CONTENT BASED ON WEB BEHAVIOR DYNAMIC DYNAMIC DYNAMIC @msweezey
  34. 34. How does a website answer purpose? Purpose: They want to find the answers instantly. @msweezey
  35. 35. TheMoment Theyaresocial @msweezey
  36. 36. Social media is the modern day smoke break ESCAPE CONTENT “ Give people something to enjoy, and help them escape from their day. This is authentic to social channels. @msweezey
  37. 37. Kronos uses these comics to share on social media. They see 10x more engagement on these comics than their corporate blog. “ @msweezey
  38. 38. 51% of the time a CEO’s picks up their mobile device because they are bored. - Pew Research “
  39. 39. High performers New research to show what a high performer is New research on
  41. 41. They must buy into a new idea of marketing. Not just that they need more marketing.“ @msweezey
  42. 42. budgetsThis has a ton to do with what you can do Dollar, dollar bills, y’all
  43. 43. Where are high performing budgets going @msweezey With out executive buy in there is no way you will have a best in class budget. 70% 39% 59% 39% 39% Digital Marketing Spend Traditional Marketing Spend Marketing tools and technology Marketing consulting Marketing headcount Increase in Spending
  44. 44. Maintain branding 15% headcount 80% programs 5 % tech + other 2-6% GR Average budget Fast growth 25% Headcount 65% programs 10% tech + other 7-12% GR 30% headcount 55% programs 15% tech + other 13-30% PR*Gross revenue *Gross revenue *Projected revenue
  45. 45. PRO TIP FOR TRADESHOWS USE Ipads with pardot forms on them at the booth. This way you remove manual input of data, and lead routing. @msweezey
  46. 46. DYNAMIC The cool kids are all
  47. 47. Marketing must be contextual across all channels, and specific to the moment. This means a minimum of the following connected systems: •  CRM (system of record) •  Marketing Automation (system of engagement) •  Website (owned engagements) •  Product (increased value) Context Must be dynamic @msweezey
  48. 48. Webpersonalization: 57% of high performers use web personalization, where only 5% of underperformers use it. @msweezey
  49. 49. C O N S I D E R U S I N G D Y N A M I C C O N T E N T B L O C K S @msweezey
  50. 50. C O N T E N T B E C O M E S D Y N A M I C T O A P E R S O N IF <lead> has not been contacted by sales <give> offer 1, if so <give> offer 2 @msweezey
  51. 51. MORE on STAGED CONTENT READ: @msweezey hOps://www.clickz.com/3-2-1-nurturing- technique-for-lead-genera[on/34734/
  52. 52. agile productionAgile is more than just a buzz word The modern building process
  53. 53. 52%OFHIGH PERFORMERSuseagile methods. @msweezey
  54. 54. Agile is the modern production method.“ @msweezey (speaking note: drop the mic here)
  55. 55. Agilestructure &Agileprocess*These can operate independent of each other
  56. 56. Of marketers say it takes 2-5 weeks to create a piece of content. 42% Of marketers say it takes more than 7 weeks to create a piece of content. 1/3 1 hOp://www.techvalidate.com/blog/2013-content-marke[ng- research-[me-spent-crea[ng-content-2892 @msweezey @msweezey
  57. 57. A better way to make it There are an infinitely growing number of marketing channels which require content. This brings about a new level of content we must produce. The only way to create enough content with a high enough success demands a new foundation on how we execute marketing campaigns. We must learn from other business departments who have faced similar issues.
  58. 58. Place your pin on the blue dot. Your goal will be to close your eyes and then draw a straight line to the red dot. Stop when you get there.
  59. 59. Your line probably looks like this.
  60. 60. Now try again, but feel free to stop when ever you want. Leave your pen on the paper, and open your eyes. Recalibrate, close your eyes then continue to draw your line. Take as many stops as you want.
  61. 61. Your second line probably looks like this.
  62. 62. Agile Theory Small and frequent iteration is the key to success when you operate in dynamic environments. Our marketing enjoinment is dynamic since our consumer, and channels are constantly changing. Technology also has now caught up to a place where instant iteration is possible. User Stories MVPReview Execute
  63. 63. How to Interview If you ask 9 people Via Phone These three questions You’ll get it. •  What were you looking for ? •  Did it meet your expectations ? •  Have you seen better ? @msweezey
  64. 64. John, I noticed an article on Content experience, and thought you might like to give it a look. John, There is a video in our resource library on Lead nurturing best practices, here’s a link to it. It was recorded with Jay Baer. John, I’m not sure if you follow this guy on social. But If you’re on Twitter you might want to check out @jaybaer. We’ve just shot a webinar.. Example of Agile building
  66. 66. FOR MORE on AGILE VIEW: @msweezey hOps://www.slideshare.net/ MathewSweezey/the-x-factor-the-secret-to- beOer-content-marke[ng
  67. 67. TacticsAgile is more than just a buzz word The modern building process
  68. 68. High and low performers use the same tactics, but high performers see 2x-3x the value. “ @msweezey
  69. 69. Conclusion Putting a bow on all of this
  70. 70. You must transform the way you see marketing, not just the tools and tactics. “ @msweezey
  71. 71. @msweezey Mathew sweezey THANKYOU