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Shift left-testing

  1. What is Shift Left Testing? Alan Richardson @eviltester‑06‑11‑on‑shift‑left/ @EvilTester | 1
  2. According to Wikipedia Shift left testing is an approach to software testing and system testing in which testing is performed earlier in the lifecycle (i.e., moved left on the project timeline). So why not just say "Test Stuff Early"? @EvilTester | 2
  3. A Danger with "Shift Left" is that we move an entire activity earlier. Rather than spreading it over the life of the Software Development Process. @EvilTester | 3
  4. e.g. Performance Testing Shifted Left @EvilTester | 4
  5. What if ... there is value in conducting Performance Testing at multiple times in the life of the project/sprint/iteration? testing early means we can't test certain things? testing early means we have to test again later? @EvilTester | 5
  6. What if we didn't say "Shift Left"? And instead: we continually look for opportunities to test. @EvilTester | 6
  7. "Shift Left" sounds like you're talking like a Consultant rather than a real person obscures, rather than clarifies, whatever point you are trying to make makes me think of 'moving a whole thing' rather than improving the System @EvilTester | 7
  8. "Shift Left" concentrates on the Testing and seems to assume that we can do that without changing the System of Development. @EvilTester | 8
  9. Create Test Approaches based on the System Of Development. Depending on the System of Development we test in different ways. @EvilTester | 9
  10. Dont "Shift Left" Do Change Your Development Approach to allow you to Test and Develop Better. @EvilTester | 10
  11. Craft a System of Development (which includes Testing) to meet the needs of the System we are building, to respond to Risks that we identify and the issues that we find. Systems grow and evolve. We need to be good enough to identify improvements we can make and take advantage of opportunities to Test. @EvilTester | 11
  12.‑06‑11‑on‑shift‑left/ @EvilTester | 12
  13. @eviltester @EvilTester | 13
  14. Learn About Alan Richardson @EvilTester | 14
  15. Follow Linkedin ‑ @eviltester Twitter ‑ @eviltester Instagram ‑ @eviltester Facebook ‑ @eviltester Youtube ‑ EvilTesterVideos Pinterest ‑ @eviltester Github ‑ @eviltester Slideshare ‑ @eviltester @EvilTester | 15
  16. BIO Alan is a test consultant who enjoys testing at a technical level using techniques from psychotherapy and computer science. In his spare time Alan is currently programming a multi‑user text adventure game and some buggy JavaScript games in the style of the Cascade Cassette 50. Alan is the author of the books "Dear Evil Tester", "Java For Testers" and "Automating and Testing a REST API". Alan's main website is and he blogs at @EvilTester | 16