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Civic summit 2018

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An afternoon of discussion, dialogue and sharing of best practices in civic engagement.

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Civic summit 2018

  1. 1. R E N E W I N G O U R C I V I C C U L T U R E WHO ARE CT'S CIVIC AMBASSADORS? Residents who believe that engaging others in community and public life strengthens our state's civic health and promotes community well-being are invited to join this dynamic group of individuals making a difference in Connecticut.� More information at: www.everyday-democracy.org/civichealth QUESTIONS? vramos@everyday-democracy.org Event sponsored by Everyday Democracy and the Hartford Public Library R E G I S T R A T I O N R E Q U I R E D : https://bit.ly/2NwznQ5 Registration is free and� lunch is provided. C O N N E C T I C U T C I V I C A M B A S S A D O R S S U M M I T S A T U R D A Y , D E C E M B E R 1 S T 1 2 N O O N - 4 : 3 0 P M H A R T F O R D P U B L I C L I B R A R Y Learn from experts and civic leaders how you can be part of a national movement of engaged individuals renewing our civic culture and strengthening our democracy. While the elections are over for the year, civic activity does not end.� In fact, it's time to gear up. Join us for: Keynote Speaker: Doug Linkhart, President of the National Civic League A panel discussion with outstanding young civic leaders, including CT Kid Governor and 5th grader Megan Kasperowski A panel discussion with philanthropic leader Maryam Elahi of the CT Funders Collaborative for Civic Engagement and Civic Ambassadors who are creating change in communities�