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The Golden Age of AI

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Opportunities and challenges presented by the emergence of artificial intelligence technologies, with emphasis in the U.S. and China markets.

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The Golden Age of AI

  1. 1. The Golden Age of AI Opportunities and Challenges Chris Evdemon Partner Sinovation Ventures November 2016
  2. 2. 10 years from now, Artificial Intelligence will replace 90% of the world’s ... • Can you play a million Chess games a day, while learning like AlphaGo? • Absorb the cumulative daily experience of Tesla from a million vehicles? • Instantly compare all of the world’s airport cameras against all wanted criminals’ faces? Translation Reporters Assistants Security Taxis Sales Services Traders Accounting Maids Artificial Intelligence is not just an "imitation of the human", but it usually goes "far beyond human” abilities … AI will be the greatest value creation engine
  3. 3. 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100% 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Human eye Deep learning Medical Sciences Automated and auxiliary diagnosis, personalized diagnosis, gene sequencing. Education Foreign languages, personalized adaptive learning. Banking and Insurance Targeted marketing, loan approval, credit card fraud prevention Recognition Voice, face, video content applications for security, customer service, etc. Investments AI + high frequency trading, prediction engines, etc. Internet Analytics Purchase conversion, recommendation, pricing, targeting, SNS marketing. Business Intelligence and Process Automation Deep Learning revolution
  4. 4. Deep Learning Learning from massive data Reinforcement Learning Auto- learning Transfer Learning Solve sparse- data problem Today Future Beyond Deep Learning
  5. 5. Why AI works now? 5 Conditions of AI Clear Boundaries Auto- Collected Feedback Loop Computing Resources Big Data (ideally closed-loop) Top Data Scientists Prof. Yang Qiang, HKUST
  6. 6. 1 2 3 4 Own end-to-end data Hire best scientists Buy hardware optimized for AI $100,000,000 $400,000,000 Train young people in “AI alchemy” The right AI approach
  7. 7. 1 2 3 4 Assist and not replace people “Trick”users to provide data “Error-tolerant”user interface Constrained application scenarios “无人驾驶” Navigating for the short-term
  8. 8. L1: (AI as input to humans) Vision Voice Language Gesture Industrial and Commercial Robots Home Robots Big Data Perception Robotics Autonomous Driving Stage3–5yr5–10yr10yr+ Internet Analytics All-terrain fully autonomous driving L2-3: (AI assisting human driver) AR/VR and new natural interface Cross-domain and general natural language understanding L4 (Human assisting AI) Investments Insurance Banking Healthcare Education and any industry with big data Artificial intelligence + computing architecture + algorithm framework + sensing platform Business Intelligence and process automation Mass produced sensors Understanding Sensors: infrared, depth camera, gyroscope, Lidar, etc. AI roadmap Typical Duration of an Early Stage VC Fund
  9. 9. PC era Internet era Mobile Internet era AI era YOU Bill Gates Born in 1955 Steve Jobs Born in 1955 Jeff Bezos Born in 1964 Jerry Yang Born in 1968 Kevin Systrom Born in 1983 Evan Spiegel Born in 1990 The AI era is YOURS!
  10. 10. Internet era App era O2O era AI era Returnees Product manager On-the-ground Sales + Back-end Technologist AI Scientists + Enterprise Sales Leader YOU The AI era needs a different type of founders
  11. 11. Research Start-Up Local start-up Local start-up Chinese start-up (U.S. team) U.S. start-up (China team) Own start-up Own start-up YOUR CAREER CHOICES Industry Local company Local company Chinese company (U.S. ops) U.S. company (China ops) Increasing risk and return
  12. 12. Overflow of capital. Staging deliverables. Limited talent pool. Big corporates’ muscle. One-dimensional team. Building a business. Building for the long-term. Challenges for AI start-up projects
  13. 13. $7/hour$15/hour From creating additional revenue for millions of people around the world to … eliminating it! Partial vs. complete substitution of human labour Social implications of AI
  14. 14. The U.S. – China relationship: “it’s complicated” …
  15. 15. Attract top AI talent Collecting industry big data Build up a platform and clusters Top engineers Collaborating with industry leaders Researching the best AI opportunities AI Institute - Incubation Sinovation Ventures AI strategy Series A + B Start-Up Local company Local company Chinese company U.S. company Own start-up Own start-up
  16. 16. 300+ 创业公司 天使投资 人 国内外企业 13,000+创业者 Team, offices, and partnerships with leading corporations in the three largest economic regions in China. A complete cross-border business services ecosystem Presence, resources and investment activity in Silicon Valley.
  17. 17. ActionDecisionPerception Sinovation Ventures AI portfolio
  18. 18. Join the 工场 family! Thank you. chris@sinovationventures.com ricky@sinovationventures.com @SinovationVC