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The 4 Must-Haves and Must-Nots for Pitch Deck Presentations

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Building a pitch deck? Here are the 4 things you should and should not do while creating your presentation. Created by Ethos3

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The 4 Must-Haves and Must-Nots for Pitch Deck Presentations

  1. 1. visit the Ethos3 blog Always set aside time to practice. We recommend practicing your presentation 7-8 times before your pitch. Get your brand recognized. Stick to the same color scheme, font type and illustration style for each slide. Frame your pitch deck around a personal story. Increase your credibility and make an emotional connection with your audience. Emphasize one idea per slide. Don’t overload your slides - and your audience - with too many details at once. Too much text on a slide takes away from your design and is hard for your audience to follow. Practice your body movements, facial expressions and hand gestures. Don’t be a statue on stage. The average attention span for an audience is 10 minutes. Avoid rambling or getting off topic. Do your research on your audience. Make sure your message can solve what keeps them up at night. SOURCE: https://www.ethos3.com/2017/06/free-pitch-deck-template-enhance-presentation/