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Community Outreach (SLO)

MCRB with the support of mobile operators Telenor and Ooredoo and the participation of the Factories and General Labour Laws Inspection Department (FGLLID) of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population (MOLIP), facilitated a peer-to-peer workshop on 7 October 2016 for mobile network operators and tier 1 and tier 2 subcontractors, and consultants.

Read more: https://www.myanmar-responsiblebusiness.org/news/discussion-issues-telecom-sector.html

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Community Outreach (SLO)

  1. 1. Community Outreach(SLO) Telenor Myanmar
  2. 2. 2 Community Outreach team duties  Stakeholder Engagement Meeting • Government authority • Ethnic leader • Civil society • Community  Complaint handling • Grievances call/Email/Post/in person • Public hearing  Internal assistance  Supplier assistance
  3. 3. Community Outreach team. • SLOs( State Liaison Officers) are our Ambassadors in each of their areas with the Community , State & Non State actors. Kachin – Peter Maji Laseng Shan North – Sao Hseng Merng Shan East – Sai Noan Tip Shan South – Khun Kham Naung Chin – Than Naing Oo@Joeseph Kayah – Naw Thaw Thi Htoo Kayin – Saw Metta Mon – Mong Aung Central(Yangon) – Kyaw Kyaw Myo
  4. 4. Community Outreach: State Liaison Officers 4 Who are the stakeholders? Community members, Government/ local authorities, Armed Groups, Local leaders, Civil society (NGOs & Other community groups) What Role do the SLOs play? • Ensure access to information • Assist in network roll out • Ensure a transparent processes • Assist with site acquisition • Ensure concerns and complaints are taken on board & appropriately handled. How do we communicate? • Stakeholder Engagement Meetings • State/Local Leader Consultations • Collaboration with Technology, & Sales & Delivery • Ongoing dialogue
  5. 5. 6. Ethnic States Community Outreach • Ensure access to accurate information • Ensure concerns and complaints are taken on board and appropriately handled • Ensure transparent processes • Ensure that Telenor and our suppliers get daily security briefings 4,564 Stakeholder Meetings 60,526 community members met Community Outreach( State Liaison)
  6. 6. Common Community Complaints • Diesel Generator noise • Concern of Health risk regarding Electro Magnetic Field effect (“radiation”) • Concern of Tower structural integrity • Concern of Lightening effect • Jealousy or land dispute among community • Lack of communication from local contractors • Religious conflict 6  Public hearing done in total 86 sessions Till date
  7. 7. 7 Thank you