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Why do you need a portal?

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Presentation answers the question, why do you need a Portal?
Ether Solutions identifies the reasons for a portal and the benefits that can be obtained. Oracle WebCenter Portal is considered in terms of the expectation from a portal and concludes that it can be an effective solution.

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Why do you need a portal?

  1. 1. Why do you need a Portal? What is a portal? Benefits from implementing a Portal Reasons for a portal Design patterns for a portal Does Oracle WebCenter Portal meet requirement?1 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410
  2. 2. Who are Ether Solutions? The Enterprise Portal, Document Management, Content Management and Document Scanning Specialists Specialist Partner for…2 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410
  3. 3. What is a Portal? Wikipedia states: Enterprise Portal – a framework for integrating information, people and processes Web Portal – a website that brings information together Presentation is on Enterprise Portal Gartner defines an Enterprise Portal as: “a Web software infrastructure that provides interaction with relevant information assets (for example, information/content, applications and business processes), knowledge assets and human assets by select targeted audiences, delivered in a highly personalized manner “3 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410
  4. 4. Benefits from implementing a Portal? Consistency of User Interface Delivery of Single Sign-on Context focussed displays User personalisation A framework which delivers the foundation of capabilities that enable each application to leverage the functionality making each application quicker to implement4 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410
  5. 5. Reasons for a Portal? Three different audiences Business to customer (B2C) Business to Business [Supplier / Partner] (B2B) Business to Employee (B2E) Reasons for a Portal Refresh of User Interface and minimise User training Reduce costs to implement applications Automate processes through self-service Enable “out-source” of process activity Deliver “Context” specific “Role” based facilities Achieve wide device support and the challenge of “BYOD”5 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410
  6. 6. Design Patterns for a Portal Key Architecture Client - Presentation functionality implement “Portlets” Server – Context, Transactions, Integration, Work flow, User profile, Support for standards Emergence of “Portal – Lite” Good User Interface “Limited” server functionality Good enough – meet immediate requirements Portlet Patterns Display refreshed automatically on a time basis Navigate menu options within a Portlet Process of a form dialogue Multiple Portlets working as “Parent – Children” relationship for the display Event in a Portlet being “Broadcast” and other “Portlets” listening for events6 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410
  7. 7. Oracle WebCenter Portal www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 44107
  8. 8. Portal for Web / Intranet / Extranet8 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410
  9. 9. Oracle WebCenter Portal Software delivers the Key Architecture Achieves integration for User Administrators and Developers, through “Composer” Meets enterprise criteria Able to scale Flexible delegated administration Support for standards Portlets available for major application integration Strong forward development roadmap9 www.ether-solutions.co.uk 0845 643 4410