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Highlights from CES 2013

  1. 1. 2013 @ 3TRENDS & the implications for marketers
  2. 2. 2013 1. SMART EVERYTHING @ Implications Marketers need to consider creating content and experiences not just for .com, mobile and social, but that will What is it? engage consumers across all touch You’ve heard of the smart phone, but how about the smart fork? Everything from points in this evolving multi-channel household appliances and medical devices to cameras, cars and in-store signage – ecosystem (e.g. recipes accessible and yes, even our eating utensils – is being designed to function as a full-featured, via smart refrigerators). internet-capable device that allows for real-time content delivery, communication and data sharing.
  3. 3. 2013 2. NO BORDERS @ Implications It’s still common for marketers to designed content and experiences in silos, for specific channels & formats – a product demo video for .com, a mobile product selector tool, etc. But because everything can now be viewed on any screen in any format What is it? at any time, they need to start Enabled by emerging NFC and “Smart Share” technology, consumers can now embracing multi-screen and seamlessly control and share content on just about any screen in real-time from their responsive design approaches that mobile phones. Want to use your Samsung Galaxy note as the controller for that new will ensure consumer experiences PS3 driving game? No problem. Or watch the video you just took using your iPhone on are consistently beautiful and the 65” TV in your living room without sending an email or needing Apple TV? Piece of engaging across all devices. cake. Welcome to the digital world with no borders!
  4. 4. 2013 3. SENSORY OVERLOAD @ Implications Marketers need to get excited about this opportunity to leverage new What is it? sense-stimulating technologies to Point & click, 1080p and 2D are so 2012. The new normal will be highly-interactive create amazing experiences and and immersive entertainment experiences enabled by technology that engages all solutions for its consumers. They now the senses – 3D and 4K visuals, and voice, facial, touch and gestural recognition. have the ability to get consumers to truly participate with their brands in the store, in their homes and elsewhere like never before.