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ETARGET RTB Banner Advertising

Presentation of ETARGET RTB Banner advertising system. Introduction to RTB ecosystem, targeting, pricing, benefit features, and buzzwords to explain.

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ETARGET RTB Banner Advertising

  2. 2. Online advertising is an integral part of today’s media-mix in terms of successful ad campaigns. Online advertising has huge potential in flexibility of media budget use, although marketers can face certain challenges with the planning and ordering of campaigns, and their consistent implementation and management. Clients have sufficient experience after the boom of online advertising, so they put pressure on the importance of brands achieving goals and results. The online advertising ecosystem has many tools and channels to use, especially for banner advertising. GDN, Premium publishers, Facebook and many others are here for us. They are great for results, but they also lead to too much time being spent managing channels and too little with optimization and goal achievement. ETARGET RTB (Real Time Bidding) brings media agencies and direct advertisers a tool that simplifies the process and makes advertising transparent. All campaigns are in one web interface, precise user targeting, and campaign launch in a few minutes, and full control of the budget. ETARGET is a tool for the effective and well-performing management of banner campaigns in real time. 2
  3. 3. ETARGET RTB gives everyone flexibility. You can run small, effective great ROI-based campaigns, or go for brand building campaigns that reach millions of impressions. This, thanks to real-time budget management, precise targeting and huge reach. ETARGET RTB Offers: RTB - REAL TIME BIDDING - Banner impression purchase and pricing based on auction and targeting in real time means the lowest price available at a given moment. PROGRAMMATIC BUYING - Automatic banner advertising purchase based on CPA or CPC goals. Tool for smart, effective and precise budget usage. SSP NETWORK PURCHASE - SSP networks allow you to run and target users from your country on any international website. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT - Simple and intuitive campaign management across all ad networks from a single interface. 3
  4. 4. 1 40+ Intuitive interface ETARGET RTB gives you full control over your campaigns. Targeting categories, such as geotargeting, soc-demo, vertical targeting, frequency capping, etc. 3 100 000+ Levels of brand protection to avoid inappropriate website banner impressions. Partner websites to run campaigns that reach your needs. 10+ 7 000 000 000+ Ad networks for your banners including GDN, Rubicon, etc. impressions give unlimited opportunities for campaign management. 4
  5. 5. External database with user EXTERNAL DATA information M E ADVERTISER ETARGET RTB D AD NETWORKS I A ETARGET RTB distributes Advertiser setup campaign via intuitive interface campaign to selected SSP networks and suitable media based on campaign setup. 5
  6. 6. ETARGET RTB has a wide portfolio of user targeting, taking into account previous user behavior and activity, media type, region, context of user’s media entry, and many other factors. Campaign targeting categories: Users (retargeting) Networks Region Soc-demo (3rd party data) Media - websites Brand protection Empiric targeting based on CPA, CPC algorithm 26 basic content categories 1896 subcategories 6
  7. 7. Price = CPT (Cost per thousand) Total budget and CPT is fully adjustable via web interface in real time. ETARGET RTB gives complete flexibility in pricing and campaign budgeting. CPT setup (cost per thousand) means that the budget is fully under the advertiser’s control. The interface provides comprehensive information of achieved final CPT or CPA. Statistics and analysis can supply an advertiser with complete information about win impressions based on auction on a daily basis. An advertiser can therefore immediately react and adjust campaigns to meet defined goals. 7
  8. 8. Why buy banner ads via RTB interface? • ETARGET manages impression purchase in ad networks such as GDN only when it is the most effective placement - based on budget and target setup. • ETARGET provides real time comparison of target and price, and places banner in network where goals are most likely to meet advertiser’s setup. • ETARGET purchases banner placements based on CPA and CPC targets across all ad networks. 8
  9. 9. • Intuitive interface • Immediate reach • CPC, CPA optimization • All-in-one approach • Category targeting • Flexible budgeting • Simple campaign management and launch • Capping • Precise user targeting • Brand protection • Detailed statistics and analytics • No administration • Precise network frequency capping 9
  10. 10. Banner advertising campaigns can be created and run in the ETARGET interface, which has other ETARGET ad formats. Implementation and campaign setup is intuitive and fast, just eight steps: 1. Create campaign 5. Targeting setup 2. Input the basic data 6. Geo targeting setup 3. Frequency capping setup 7. Brand protection 4. Banner upload 8. Campaign launch 10
  11. 11. RTB [REAL TIME BIDDING] DSP [DEMAND SIDE PLATFORM] Pricing/auction of banner impressions in real time. Website sends in milliseconds its impression placement via SSP. Details of impression placement in real time is paired with the targeting of various advertisers. The advertiser with the best-offered price wins the impression and the banner is delivered. This simple user interface allows advertisers to set up, launch and manage online banner advertising campaign in a few minutes without administration. Campaigns are run across numerous ad networks processed on thousands of websites. A good example of DSP is the ETARGET RTB interface. PROGRAMMATIC BUYING SSP [SALES SIDE PLATFORM] Automatic banner advertising purchase based on CPA, CPT, or CPC targets. Technology/tool that allows media /websites to offer ad space as impressions to advertiser auctions worldwide. Impressions given to SSP media platforms are purchased using the DSP interface. 11
  12. 12. ETARGET SE Tower 115, Pribinova 25, Bratislava 811 09, Slovakia marcel.vass@etarget.eu