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Program Format Agreement

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An outline of key features of effective teaching programs.

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Program Format Agreement

  1. 1. High Quality Subject Programs: Expectations for Presentation Format Stage 4-6 Requirement Specifics Issues Program format and subject, stage, overview of content-skills outcomes presentation Agreed format: table, ? Presentation: folder, booklet, ? Scope and sequence Stage based outline of topics, content, skills, timing Timeline for completion Progress to be assessed each term to end 2007 Outcomes – • Teaching and learning cycle Relevant text types and writing • learn about - knowledge • Model for literacy learning process • learn to – skills • 5 E instructional model – engage, explore, • literacy explain, elaborate, evaluate • numeracy • Information skills process • technology –ICT Assessment for learning Overview, components, weightings, tasks, course Include: literacy skills assessment and of learning performance (DLA) and band descriptors Technology skills assessment will be Marking guides and feedback format more relevant due to planned test. New grading and reporting requirements Teaching practices and • QT dimensions strategies • Evidence of planning pyramid concepts • 3 level guide, differentiation • 3 part lesson – starter, main, plenary • Teaching resources Including computing applications, internet sites Reporting guidelines What tasks? What weightings? Etc See guidelines. Comment style: praise, prompt, predict Registration User –friendly and connected to program Evaluation A cycle. In 2006 - Planning and Science
  2. 2. Prepared May 2006