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Double Loop Learning in Retrospectives

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People work out of their existing mental models. When they examine their current actions, they may achieve incremental improvements. But they may take a potentially useful new practice and kill it with 1000 compromises, shaping the new practice to fit the old mental model.

This can happen even when people are trying to learn a new way of working. The first OO program I wrote looked remarkably procedural– I was trying to wrap my head around the new paradigm, I hadn’t quite gotten there yet. In a retrospective, if people try to improve their agile practices, they may improve them right back to serial development. Or, people may make a genuine effort to improve, but they only know what they know, and the possibilities for improvement they can see are within the bounds of their current thinking.

So the task, then, is to examine the thinking and expand possibilities.

About Esther Derby

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Double Loop Learning in Retrospectives

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