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Breaking into your first_enterprise IT account

For enterprise startup founders, I've shared some tips on what I've learned over 24 years working with technical founders looking for and working with their first customer or as I like to call it "Enterprise Design Partners" - how to find, how to discuss, how to build trust, and how to partner and not sell

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Breaking into your first_enterprise IT account

  1. 1. Breaking into Your First Enterprise IT Account Tips
  2. 2. No Customers, No Opportunity? 2
  3. 3. Need to Find the Right Early Adopters! 3 “In certain cases zero customers are actually better because you have a chance to shape and mold the product based on a set of requirements that comes from your company.” “Any startup company that leads with a licensing conversation is a meeting that I leave within the first 10 minutes.” Marty Brodbeck, CTO Priceline Boldstart Webinar 5/11/20: Video
  4. 4. But First, Who Will You Make a Hero 4
  5. 5. Product Positioning Framework - Geoffrey Moore 5 ● For (target customers), ● Who must (solve a specific problem) ● Our product is a new (new product category) ● That provides (key breakthrough benefit vs. current way of doing things – which solves dilemma) ● Unlike (competitor in new category) ● We have (whole product most relevant for you)
  6. 6. Env0 Early Email Snippet 6 Env0 is a SaaS platform, allowing organizations to easily provision and manage their cloud native applications. Env0 combines self-service environment management with organizational control and central governance. For DevOps, Env0 takes infrastructure-as-code to the next level by automatically applying organizational policies for cost management, security and compliance. For developers, testers, support and sales struggling on the never ending race towards increased velocity, Env0 allows to self-manage environments through an easy to use UI, relieving their dependency on DevOps and releasing a significant organizational bottleneck.
  7. 7. Eye Candy Works 7 Hard to sell infra - show don’t tell Need to show UI to get them to AHA Help them See the Future Then explain the magic
  8. 8. How Do You Find Early Adopters? Sandwich Model 8
  9. 9. Early Adopters Can Be Found Anywhere 9
  10. 10. Understand the Customer and Their Pain 10
  11. 11. Understand Their Business 11 “I think you're spot on about spending the time to understand our business so that when you come in, you can talk intelligently about the problems you're coming to try and solve. One of the things we find quite often is, people really don't understand the business that we're in, so there's no applicability. Put in the upfront time, as a little effort goes a long way.” “If you're a startup trying to do an enterprise deal right now, it's going to take longer than it would to get a use case (with low use case pricing) in place to just get in and get it off the ground to demonstrate your abilities and your product.” Dean Del Vecchio, CIO of Guardian Life Insurance Boldstart Webinar 5/11/20: Video
  12. 12. IT Buys From Who They Know or Trusted Partners 12
  13. 13. Start Small to Get Big 13
  14. 14. POC or Free-OC 14
  15. 15. Key Points for Setting Up For POC Success 15 1. Create Statement of Work (SOW) on what deliverables you will provide and what measurable goals are 2. Constrain time - 30 days IDEALLY or LESS, 60 days - depending on project 3. Charge for it - $50k or so, pick a number 4. Automatic conversion to customer? Agree on what contract looks like after the SOW before you get started 5. Discounts for being first but try to limit to year 1 6. Get case study and references in exchange for it
  16. 16. Don’t Sell, Partner 16
  17. 17. Confidential & Proprietary – Do Not DuplicateApril 2020 Q & A