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it can manage up to 3 meters; 5 sec. polling interval; alarm and event notification; BBMD support; WEB configurator. web site: www.esacsrl.com

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  1. 1. eBACgw-BiteckBACnet GATEWAY FOR BITECK SMOKE ANALIZERSThe successful integration of proprietary sy- Functionalitystems is one of our goals. Our strategic ap-proach to this challenge consists in design and • can manage up to 3 metersdevelopment of specific interfaces promoting theproprietary world to the level of BACnet automa- • 5 sec. polling intervaltion system. The eBACgw gateways connect theproprietary system to a standard BACnet • alarm and event notificationnetwork. • BBMD supportThe gateway is one of the key points in theprocess of system integration, because it • WEB configuratortranslates the messages from one protocol toanother. The process is transparent to the finaluser, so the integrated BACnet network appearsas a single network of BACnet devices only.Using gateways versus BACnet allows to:• "look at" the plant under one philosophy• design upgrades and extensions without re- strictions due to the specificity of the proprie- tary system• recover existing installations• give interoperability features to systems otherwise isolated• open the door to new developments speaking of convergence with the ICT world.DescriptionThe eBACgw-Biteck is a gateway betweenBACnet and the proprietary protocol used by theBiteck smoke analizers. The device allows theintegration of these meters into a BACnetnetwork.
  2. 2. D001E200911 Application Specification The eBACgw-Biteck gateway is suited for building Device profile automation plants where is needed to integrate • gateway the proprietary protocol used by Biteck devices into the BACnet network. Power supply For each device configured, the gateway creates • 5 V DC the appropriate objects needed to access all the • 110/220V PSU included results of the analysis done by the analyzer. Alarm and notification events can be set-up on the Technology basis of user defined limits or change of state of • 32 bit CPU every managed object. Wiring • power supply • Ethernet 10/100 How to order Indication You can order ESAC eBACgw gateway for • power supply smoke analizers referring to the following • ethernet activity product code: BACnet Objects * eBACgw-Biteck • smoke temperature • air temperature • O2 value • CO value • CO2 value • chimney differential pressure * If provided by the manufacurer Environment • temperature: 0...+45 °C • relative humidity: 10...90% (non condensing) Metrics • 137 x 47.5 x 95.4 mm (WxHxL) • mounting brackets are included • optional DIN rail adapter Weight • 500 g Approvals • CEThe product image is by way of illustration and can change without prior notice eBACgw-Biteck is a system by