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Media Now

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This is how media works in a fragmented world! Make use of the possibilities.

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Media Now

  1. 1. Media erwblo@gmail.com twitter.com/erwblo
  2. 2. Trends since the internet
  3. 3. Creation Communication Collaboration Personalisation
  4. 4. •No scarcity •Cheap tools •Everyone consumes media •Everyone produces media Creation
  5. 5. Creation •People tell stories on passion, hobby, family, knowledge •Organisations tell stories on their field of expertise, clients etcetera •Every company is a media company
  6. 6. 52 million pictures a day on Instagram
  7. 7. 10 years of new videos per day onYouTube
  8. 8. •Make available: The Long Tail •Make findable:‘let’s Google’ •Make your content re usable •Feed the passion! What does that mean?
  9. 9. •Media is a two way thing •From information to communication Communication
  10. 10. •The audience wants communication with each other and with organisations •Make sure your content, your stories, can be part of their communication Communication
  11. 11. 1 billion daily users WhatsApp
  12. 12. 1.8 billion people a day on Facebook
  13. 13. •From publication to conversation •Use the knowledge of your audience •Join the conversation What does this mean?
  14. 14. •The cloud is the computer •The networked society •Easier than ever to work together Collaboration
  15. 15. •People like to share knowledge concerning subjects close to them •A strong community is valuable for content, for marketing for sales
  16. 16. 5.5 million articles on Wikipedia
  17. 17. 5.000 entries of special animals a day
  18. 18. •Be ready •Be open •Think about what you want •Give a reason to join forces What does this mean?
  19. 19. •Everyone is always on line •Everyone wants content that fits •Atomize! Distribute. Personalisation
  20. 20. Your homescreen is personal
  21. 21. My Spotify is personal
  22. 22. •Atomize your content •Have clever workflows •Give your audience freedom •Make crossmedia standard What does that mean?
  23. 23. In practice
  24. 24. In general … • All media become multi media • Audiences expect their media everywhere • The competition is everywhere • The fight is for attention • Make sure you have added value
  25. 25. What? What is the story you want to tell? Synopsis … Who? Who is your target audience? Who are they, how can you help them? … Where? Where can you find them and reach them? Which media, which characteristics … How? How do you tell your story? How do you involve your audience? … When? What do you publish where and when? Plan … Media
  26. 26. Media • Specialise; what makes you stand out? • Start with the story; what do you want to tell? • Follow the user; where and how does he consume? • Be interactive; give options • Be communicative; join the conversation
  27. 27. Example
  28. 28. Fast Moving Targets
  29. 29. Media • What is the story we want to tell? • Who is our audience? • Where can we find them and reach them? • How can we involve them?
  30. 30. What? We explore, explain and distribute innovation. We monitor trends, tell what they mean and how people can use them.
  31. 31. Who? The members of our target audience are curious and busy professionals that are looking for ways to improve their business or work.
  32. 32. Where? They are everywhere.They are always online.We want to be where they are. So we use a mix of media: online, tv, podcasts, books, magazines, events
  33. 33. How? We involve them in many ways.Via Twitter, via newsletter, via Facebook, via Slack.We are a community on innovation.
  34. 34. Fast Moving Targets
  35. 35. Top Names
  36. 36. Live: website / Facebook / digital tv / interaction via Twitter
  37. 37. On demand: website, for readers
  38. 38. On demand:YouTube: for viewers
  39. 39. On demand: Soundcloud, for listeners
  40. 40. On demand: distributed to relevant partners
  41. 41. On demand: distributed to relevant partners
  42. 42. Extra use: books
  43. 43. Extra use: magazine
  44. 44. Involve:Twitter, FB, Slack
  45. 45. Involve: FMT Workforce
  46. 46. Involve: events
  47. 47. Summary • Follow your audience • Use the power of each medium • Add value • Make the sum more than the parts • Atomise for distribution • Schedule: manage expectations
  48. 48. erwblo@gmail.com twitter.com/erwblo