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EY - Remaking risk management in banking – one-minute recap video

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This video recap was designed to accompany a video webcast that included an interactive discussion by a moderator and three panelists. To view that webcast, please go to Remaking banking: http://bit.ly/17FCITo

Remaking risk management in banking
Origination date: Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Benchmarking your risk-management practices against developments in the banking industry is crucial to staying competitive. An annual study conducted by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) and EY can help.

This year’s survey, “Remaking banking: risk management five years after the crisis”, includes responses from 74 firms across 36 countries.

Join us for a live, interactive discussion about how risk-management priorities are changing and how your organization compares.

The agenda includes:
· Assessing risk culture
· Linking business decisions to risk appetite
· IT and data improvement investments
· How Basel III is driving business model changes


Rick Waugh, Scotiabank, President and Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the IIF's Committee on Governance and Industry Practices and Vice Chairman of the IIF Board

Patricia Jackson, Ernst & Young LLP, Leader of Financial Regulation Practice and member of the Global Regulatory Leadership Network

Hank Prybylski, Ernst & Young LLP, US Financial Services Office Advisory Leader and Leader of Financial Services Risk Management

You are welcome to join the on-demand version of this interactive discussion and learn about recent changes in the banking industry and how to position your organization for the future by going to Remaking banking: http://bit.ly/17FCITo

This webcast is part of an ongoing series. Register for any webcast and you will be asked if you want to receive invitations to future webcasts.

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