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Production logos

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Production logos

  1. 1. Production Logos
  2. 2. Existing Logos A production logo, is used by movie studios and production companies to brand what they produce. Production logos are usually seen at the beginning of a theatrical trailer (an "opening logo"), or at the end (a "closing logo"). Many production logos have become famous over the years, such as the 20th Century Fox's monument and searchlights, Paramount Pictures's mountain, Columbia Pictures's torch lady, and MGM's Leo the Lion. Unlike logos for most other media, production logos can take advantage of motion and synchronized sound, and almost always do. The logos help to introduce the film to the audience and could signify what typed of film they are about to watch depending on the company. Some logos use 3D images and moving pictures, these are often used by larger production companies such as Paramount. Others take a more simple approach with a still image or text such as Miramax Films.
  3. 3. The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Most trailers feature a combination of film and production companies. I found evidence of this through watching the film trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Four different film company logos are featured within the first ten seconds of the trailer. The trailer also used a fade to black in between each logo as a transition. The film makers also used editing in order to alter the logos so they match one another as well as the dark beginning to the trailer. From this research I have found that by using multiple film company logos within our trailer, it would make our trailer look more professional. It would also bring a dramatic element to our horror trailer, especially when combined with music.
  4. 4. Logo Draft 1 This is my first draft of a production logo I created using Adobe Photoshop. I think the two words separated by a black line works well. I used the free transform feature on the text to stretch the word “PICTURES” in order to make it the same length as the word on top. The feathered lines were created using the stamp tool, with a tie dye effect on in in order to produce the different colours. This could be seen as both a positive and negative aspect as not many existing logos use so much colour. I believe the name for the production company works well but could be criticised by saying the image itself does not match the company title.
  5. 5. Logo Draft 2 For my second draft, I explored the shapes available on photoshop and discovered this jigsaw puzzle piece. I made the stamp white then placed it on a black filled square in order to be able to visualise the logo as if it were on a black screen at the beginning of our trailer. Due to the dark and simple colour of this logo, this could make it easier and more effective for us to use a fade transition into our trailer, making it flow more than a bright, colourful logo. This logo is good as the title of the company relates to the image used. The logo also looks like it fits well together like a puzzle due to the way I have moved the top word “JIGSAW” slightly into the jigsaw piece. I find this logo memorable due to the theme of the jigsaw and it’s simplistic design.
  6. 6. Logo Draft 3 My third draft logo uses similar ideas to the second as I found that having an image and company name that are linked together would be more effective and realistic. I created this logo by placing an image of a tree onto photoshop. I used the layer style tool and applying the stroke effect in white. This makes the tree image clear and stand out despite the fact it is placed on a black background. Within this draft, I decided to change the company name to “PRODUCTIONS” rather than “PICTURES”. This logo is also simple due to the black and white colour scheme.