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Marketing Trends in 2012

  1. Oracle SA, February 2012 Marketing Trends 2012 Presented by Erik Vermeulen.
  2. What is the PURPOSE of your business? FIND KEEP GROW The RIGHT Customers
  3. Global Economic Change Attention Economy Attraction Economy Interruption Engagement Reactive Interactive Big Promises Intimate Gestures What you need What I want
  4. •Opened accounts with USD 4000 •PO Box •Regular wire transfers from abroad •Large deposits, with small withdrawals •No regular living expenses •No monthly patterns of deposits •No savings accounts or deposit boxes •High ratio of cash withdrawals to cheques issued
  5. •Men •26 - 35 •Own a mobile phone •Student •Rent and not own a home •Muslim name •NOT HAVE LIFE INSURANCE
  6. Big Data
  7. Demographics Urban Women Silver
  8. Demographics Women now control USD 12 trillion That’s 70% of household spending Women will increase Women income by USD 1 trillion per year.
  9. Demographics Weekly, Urban By 2030, 1,2million >60% will people move live in cities. to cities 2010-2050: Opportunity Urban pop Or will grow by Threat? 3 billion.
  10. Demographics In the US alone, there will be 2,2million more people >55 every year until 2020. China: 18% - 38% of pop. More discretionary spending than any other generation. Silver
  11. Advocacy
  12. Video
  13. Mobile
  14. 7/10 SME’s say Social Media tools have helped them build closer relationships with customers and partners. Loudhouse Research, 2011
  15. Years to reach 50 million users.... Radio 38 years
  16. Years to reach 50 million users.... TV 15 years
  17. Years to reach 50 million users.... Internet 4 years
  18. BlackBerry App World... 1 Billion apps downloaded Over 3 million DAILY downloads
  19. 76% In South Africa in 2009 of people >16 years of age logged onto Social Networking sites.
  20. Added 100 million users in 9 months
  21. Facebook for BlackBerry smart-phones has doubled the user base in the last 12 months with 37 million monthly active users. ”
  22. Apple Apps has 200 million users, who downloaded 15 BILLION apps. PROFIT: $ 292 million
  23. 80% of users are tweeting from mobile devices.
  24. Businesses using Social Media are TWICE as likely to see opportunities to win clients from large competitors. Loudhouse Research, 2011
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