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Augumented Reality

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Augmented reality
Augmented reality
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Augumented Reality

  1. 1. Exploding on the Scene By Alberto Ritondo, Raymond Gabriel Gurley and Sandra Barkevich Empire State College MALET Program Second Life Group Powerpoint Presentation Wednesday, December 11, 2013
  2. 2. Augmented Reality superimposed srimmage line
  3. 3. Augmented Reality Apple Introduces iBeacon
  4. 4. Augmented Reality Apple iBeacon
  5. 5. Augmented Reality Apple iBeacon
  6. 6. Augmented Reality
  7. 7. Augmented Reality Apple iBeacon in Macy’s
  8. 8. Augmented Reality Apple iBeacon in Macy’s
  9. 9. Augmented Reality At the Grocery
  10. 10. Augmented Reality At Town Centers
  11. 11. Augmented Reality In Your Car
  12. 12. Augmented Reality Enhanced Car Navigation
  13. 13. Augmented Reality Visitor Information
  14. 14. Augmented Reality Visitor Information
  15. 15. Augmented Reality Hotel Room Window
  16. 16. Augmented Reality Sampling Sunglasses
  17. 17. Augmented Reality Information at Your Fingertips
  18. 18. Augmented Reality Truly Connected Society
  19. 19. Augmented Reality Using iBeacon in a Healthcare Educational Environment
  20. 20. iBeacon Until now, the vast majority of the interest in iBeacon has been for retail and commercial applications.
  21. 21. iBeacon One reason – every iOS device since iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd Generation has the ability to be configured as a iBeacon transmitter or receiver  Estimated 240 million devices in all 
  22. 22. But can iBeacon be useful for other applications, such as in educational environments?
  23. 23. (You bet it can!)
  24. 24. Traditional medical simulation training
  25. 25. Obstacles with traditional medical simulation training Often involves expensive equipment (manikins alone can often cost $100K or more)  Simulation space often small  Providing real-life environment often limited 
  26. 26. Imagine the possibilities
  27. 27. On-the-floor simulations
  28. 28. On-the-floor simulations
  29. 29. Creating a more realistic simulation environment
  30. 30. Larger, collaborative simulations
  31. 31. Augmented Reality  iBeacon, combined with virtualization learning environments, could drastically improve healthcare education and training.
  32. 32. Augmented Reality We’ve seen it used on a corporate level  And we’ve seen its usefulness in healthcare education  But what else is there? 
  33. 33. Augmented Reality  In Nature…
  34. 34. Augmented Reality  In exercise…
  35. 35. Augmented Reality The idea of AR is popping up everywhere  Xbox Kinect  Nintendo 3DS  Smartphone apps  The list goes on 

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Augmented Reality is the use of GPS and other technologies to enhances the real-world experience. Most of you have experienced the constantly moving superimposed goal line on television football coverage.This is Augmented Reality, and it has been around for awhile already. It is now bursting into our lives.
  • Apple just launched last Friday their new iBeacon system, which has been installed in all of their stores.
  • Anywhere you are in one of their stores, your iPhone, or iPad will be able to get all sorts of information.
  • It uses their latest software and actual iBeacons such as this, designed with the use of Bluetooth, which works better than GPS indoors.
  • The iBeacons are strategically placed throughout the store, tracking your movements, and offering up specials, providing information on the product you are looking at, or helping expedite checkout.
  • iBeacon is also being rolled out at Macy's, where it will make it easier to get pricing and information on products.
  • This will allow a shopper to make a more informed purchasing decision, and also help in the checkout process.
  • This will allow a shopper to make a more informed purchasing decision, and also help in the checkout process.
  • …And generally used quite effectively in a commercial sense.
  • It can also be used by the automotive industry to bring the particular section of the owners manual to your Smartphone, just by clicking a picture of the area in question.
  • And through the use of GPS, provide displayed distances to vehicles in front of you.
  • The Government will provide visitor information through the use of augmented reality delivered to the travelers Smartphone or tablet.
  • Information will always be at the fingertips of travelers. The ever-present tour guide!
  • Travel, and understanding one’s whereabouts, right from your hotel window, will be commonplace very soon.
  • Augmented Reality is even being used to allow you to sample various eyeglass styles, from an image from your webcam from your home!
  • We now live in a world where information will always be a few swipes away.
  • Our whereabouts are being monitored more and more in a technologically connected world…Gabriel will now introduce you to the use of Augmented Reality in the medical field, a topic that is very close to my heart. Thank you for your time…Gabriel…
  • This is an exciting time for humans. Technology is advancing at an astronomical rate and what might seem like fantasy or science fiction today can become reality tomorrow.
  • Geocaching is all around us…No, really it is. There are hiddenchashes almost everywhere, and that is need to find them, is a working GPS and a free subscription to a geocaching site. If you have a smartphone…they have an app for that. Just pull it up and lots of little dots tell you where to find the caches. Follow the GPS coordinates (Look at that, you’re learning about longitude and latitude) and a little searching will reveal your treasure. Its free, its fun, and is a great way to spend an exciting day OUTSIDE with the family.
  • Have a hard time getting into an exercise plan? Not a fan of running ‘cause it’s “boring?” Not if you’re being chased down my flesh eating zombies, it isn’t. Zombies run is an ingenious way to motivate even the laziest of runners. (I know, because this little AR gem got me trained enough to successfully “run” (there might have been a lot of walking in there too) several 5k runs. This exercise app has a fully voice acted storyline that revolves around you, Runner #5, and the Zombies that are chasing you down. The running happens in the real world, the story happens through your earbuds, smartpnone, and imagination. It’s scary---er…fun!
  • There are so many educational and useful ways to use AR. We really do live in an exciting time and I for one can’t wait to see what’s coming tomorrow!