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Radio Agency - profile 2012

Radio is a premium communication
device, conceived for present times.
We work on the intersection between
people’s passions, cultural issues,
brands’ heritages.
a continuous think-tank of emerging
cultures, styles, media habits and the
challenge of contemporary issues.

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Radio Agency - profile 2012

  1. 1. Locate, Tune, Amplify.
  2. 2. IDENTITYRadio is a premium communicationdevice, conceived for present times.We work on the intersection betweenpeople’s passions, cultural issues,brands’ heritages.A continuous think-tank of emergingcultures, styles, media habits and thechallenge of contemporary issues.
  3. 3. ETHOSOur ethos drives us to selectthe highest profile team to delivercultural artifacts in sync with ourerratic society.We commit to working on projectswith an appropriate schedule, andmost importantly, with akin businesspartners.
  5. 5. EVENTMENCRAFT Makers Festival 2012 1st editionMENCRAFT is an exhibition of objects,projects, artifacts that testify thetwo-­ ear research that RADIO did yon motorbikes, street-­ ood, fpornography, social design and manyother fields, where manual work goestogether with artistic creation, andtechnology makes it all work.
  6. 6. EVENTMENCRAFT Makers Festival 2012 1st edition5 days of reflections on the thin linebetween being an artisan and beingan artist.Single persons, work groups and smallbusinesses all gather together in whatwe call the New Wave of contemporarycraftsmanship.In one word, the new Makers.
  7. 7. FORMATRadio holds a bunch of self-conceivedprojects, made on the edge ofcontemporary forms of expression.Entertainment ideas, innovativecontent hybrids...Together with client-briefed operations,these ‘ready-made’ formats constituteour intellectual corpus.
  8. 8. DEALRadio is an innovative formof communication advice for brandsEven though our team heads excelsince 15 years in the emergingmedia arena, we like to considerourselves a start-up agency.That is why we offer a strongcommitment to our partners,highest level contact standards,maniac detail-oriented projectmanagement, with no needfor huge international budgetsnor extremely high agency fees.
  9. 9. DEALWork with Radio and you willexperience a fresh, thrilling, delightfulsensation of doing something you’venever done before in your mktg life.http://radio-lta.com
  11. 11. SAMSUNGSAFARIMILANOFile under/smart photography, urban safari, usageworkshop, orienteering, launch partyTalents/Andrea Boscardin, Joao Paulo Ribeiroview full project
  12. 12. THEMOLESKINEORCHESTRAFile under/creative engineering, music-makingsculptures, mechanical orchestra,performance, Milan design week,hacking, electronic music, crafting,dada movement.view full project
  13. 13. JEEP INTOSURF CULTUREFile under/wave hunters, outdoor, mediterraneancoastline event, world championship,video reportage.view full project
  14. 14. RUN ACROSSAMERICAFile under/social branding, sport challenge, coastto coast experience, instant reporting,American landscapes photoreportage,microblogging.Talent/Alex Belliniview full project
  15. 15. GENTE DEL FUDSOCIAL FOODEXPERIENCEFile under/social recruitment, food sharing,blogsourcing, experential set-upTalent/TourDeForkview full project
  16. 16. N.O.A.H.GUITARSFile under/excellence made in italy, guitar heroes,handcrafting, rock culture.Talent/Noè Officine Aluminium Hardshells.view full project
  17. 17. DARKER THANBLACKFile under/Photography, Illustration, Black Metal,Cultural Remix.Talent/Federico Chiesa, Alessandro Maidaview full project
  18. 18. CONTACTCrescenzo Abbateenzo.abbate@radio-lta.comRiccardo Zamurririccardo.zamurri@radio-lta.com