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How To Create An Awareness Campaign With Social Media

A step-by-step guide to creating an awareness campaign using social media.

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How To Create An Awareness Campaign With Social Media

  1. 1. w i t h How To Create An Awareness Campaign
  2. 2. In this workshop you will learn how to create a social media strategy that matches your organisation's goals and resources. You will take away new ideas and a clear plan for moving forward with your next campaign.
  3. 3. Since informing the public is often regarded as the first step effecting change, raising awareness is often the first activity any advocacy group engages in.
  4. 4. Start Here
  5. 5. Having clear communication goals and objectives will help build your strategy
  6. 6. Geography • National • Regional • Local • Urban • Rural Socio- Demography • Age • Sex • Income • Occupation • Education Psychography • Lifestyle • Attitudes • Preferences • Interests Behavioural • Relevant behaviour • Duration of behaviour • Readiness to change
  7. 7. Normally an organisation has too many segments it would like to reach. Targeting is about choosing which ones to prioritise. Segmenting and prioritising audiences improves reach, enhances relevance and helps put your resources to the best possible use.
  8. 8. Influencers Are Message Catalysts! They are people, sometimes celebrities or influential figures in your sector, sometimes ordinary citizens who are passionate about what you do and have a lot of connections on social networks, with the power to amplify your message.
  9. 9. Doctors Nurses Health Care Professionals Supporters Volunteers Donors Activists Bloggers Celebrity supporters Celebrity activists
  10. 10. Influencer 1k+ Connections Topics Prior Interaction 50+ Klout Score Your Database Start Here!
  11. 11. Do they represent your values? Celebrities and well-known public figures can bring tremendous attention to your campaigns, provided they are talking about things that matter to your audience.
  12. 12. Once you’ve identified your audience map this information to social media behaviour • How can I reach my audience? • Where do they hang out online? • What are they reading/sharing?
  13. 13. • Surveys (Survey Monkey) • Polls (PollDaddy; Facebook; Twitter) • Publically available reports
  14. 14. One simple message that calls for a clear action to be taken
  15. 15. Pre-testing communication materials will help ensure the audience understands the message in the intended way and prevents wasting campaign resources. Test with focus groups, through online surveys and discussion groups.
  16. 16. When Oxfam International wanted to create a message that would encourage people to pressure their governments to invest in education in developing countries, they used evidence that shows that education reduces poverty levels to develop this message: “Basic education helps break the cycle of poverty” However, when they tested this message on focus group audiences they found it did not motivate them to act. Instead they found that this simpler message received a much stronger response: “Education is every child’s right”
  17. 17. • Well-designed content • Include hyper-links to campaign • Include deadlines • Encourage forwarding to others • Collect e-mail addresses • Provide opt-out function for those who want to be removed from list
  18. 18. A podcast is a digital audio or video file that can be saved for playback on a portable media device or computer
  19. 19. YouTube Vimeo Facebook Facebook Live Google Hangout Periscope Vine Instagram Snapchat snapchat.com/add/humanrightscampaign Human Rights Campaign
  20. 20. *Add your own graphic elements *Add music
  21. 21. WordPress Blogger Tumblr Medium LiveJournal
  22. 22. www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com
  23. 23. • Google Docs • Evernote • Trello • Slack Use these free tools generate ideas, take notes, and collaborate with team members
  24. 24. Encourage users to share their stories and participate in message creation. Make it easy to get involved.
  25. 25. • Social Oomph • Tweetdeck • Hootsuite • Buffer
  26. 26. Identify resources necessary to implement your campaign
  27. 27. THANK YOU! Marie Ennis O’Connor socialease@live.ie