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  1. Foods of Samutpr akarn
  2. What is the food that is famous in Amphur Bangbo,Samutpra karn?
  3. Salit dried fish
  4. Pla salit is a fish which is famous in Samutprakarn. Before you eat it you must cut the head off and make it dry . It is salted and fried and eaten with rice. Pla salit is
  5. Grilled kanaom kluay
  6. It made from "namwa banana" flour coconut etc. Mixed it and wrapped by banana leaves.Then grill it.
  7. White color, oval shape and
  8. Salty eggs Salty eggs is one kind of preserving food, usually used duck eggs put it in salt
  9. There's a chewy candy, has many colour but usually in black. It's hard to
  10. Kalamare
  11. Kalamare is a dessert that spent too much time to mixture Ingredient together Success, it has two kinds that makes from flour and the last one makes from Sticky Rice but the most that
  12. Miang Kham (Leaf-Wrapped Bite- Size Appetizer)
  13. "Miang Kham" is a traditional Thai snack in the middle part of Thailand, it is both delicious and healthy. "Miang Kham" can eat all the time but most popular during the rainy season because there are most young leaves (Piper sarmentosum leaves) that most tasty and delicious. Miang kham is a tasty snack often sold as street food. It involves wrapping little tidbits of several items in a leaf, along with a sweet-and- salty sauce. Chewing all the myriad
  14. Kanom jean namprik
  15. Kanom jean namprik is thaifood that have a long time,but now it is not popular because Kanom jean namprik has made that difficult it takes many contains and hard to make it delicious. There are many ingredients that are Kaffir skin onion garlic zalacca galangal and important thing is Sour orange. Now it difficult to find ,but if you can’t find it you also can use leech Lime.
  16. Kanom jean namya samunprai
  17. kanom jean namya samunpai come from a little family that grandmother cook for eat in family kanom jean namya samunpai can eat through all years , get benefit from herbs and it taste mellowness. Ingredients of kanom jean namya samunpai consists… kanom jean noodles
  18. What is dessert that use in a wedding or buddist holy day ?
  19. Kanomchan coconut layer sweet
  20. Kanomchan coconut layer sweet is a famous thing in samut prakarn they always use it in a wedding or buddist holy day.It makes from rice flour,sugar and coconut milk. A steamed coconut layer rice cake eaten cold, cut into cubes.
  21. There has a sweet taste , brown color and always wrapped in banana leaves.
  22. Kanom Jark
  23. “KanomJark” This is a sweet snack made ​of sticky, black powder, sugar , coconut milk and shredded coconut, palm and put it on the grill to make ittaste sweet. The fire burned like a fire, cooked with Lam, but
  24. What is sauce that we used to eat with a mango?
  25. Nam Pla Wan
  26. Nam pla wan is a hot and sweet dipping sauce for eating with sour fruits like green mangos.Nam pla wan consists palm sugar , water , fish sauce , shallot , dried shimp and hot chilli peppers. Serving Put mango on a serving tray with the sauce on the side. Dip mango slices into the sauce, eat and enjoy!
  27. A kind of snack like pie but smaller with a fish of Samutprakarn.
  28. Pansib Pla salit
  29. Pagnsib candy mold, trim, or a product made from wheat flour, rice flour mixed with coconut milk, eggs, vegetable oil and lime juice in moderation. Mixing them together would look like.
  30. Fry in oil at the proper time. The two species commonly called Pagnsib mean time, do not have to use fingers and ten inches in the mold candy mold, a mold can be taken to trim the pastry dough wrapped yarn filling of the folding
  31. There is a roll gold snack. What is it
  32. Thong Muan
  33. Thong Muan Thai dessert is one of the main ingredient isflour mixed with coconut milk and egg mixture on the Add sesame, coriander, pepper, li mewater or other ingredients may be modified. Pour all ingredients, then pour it into the
  34. What beverage that when you drink it will make you hard to sleep
  35. Coffee
  36. Coffee is produced by burning the sugar, then simmer until the beans are dried down. Then ground into a powder. Coffee is coffee is not 100%. Grade 1 is equipped with Coffee 100%. Coffee
  37. Preserved shells
  38. Preserved shells of musse ls or cockles are greenish b lack. How to pickle is pickled with salt, vinegar and pickles, s weetpickles, salt, or sometimes the cause of the sour pickle. Keep food longer.
  39. Young coconut jelly
  40. A jelly made from slices of young coconut (the green coconut that has soft flesh).The coconut base for this dessert is a litter salty,as is typical for thai desserts.The
  41. There is vegetable put on the base. There is fish in the middle. There is coconut milk
  42. Hormok Hormok is a rarity, a dish intended as asnack. It is a custard made from curried steamed fish. It includes vegetable in each cup like basil and cabbage. This is steamed in little cups made from banana leaves, pinned
  43. But hormok moo mae lamai is made from minced pork other than fish to make it is special and different from other places.
  44. Mahor
  45. Mahor is a Thai snack, that is usually made in local ceremony especially Maun culture. Mahor is a bite of sour fruit such as pineapple,grapefruit. It filled with topping that
  46. Som Chun
  47. Our trip
  48. Behind the
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  50. nam pueng market & the sellers who had their cooperation