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L unit 4

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L unit 4

  1. 1. Surprises & Superstitions
  2. 2. That’s strange 4A
  3. 3. VOCABULARY•A job you have to •A flat area outside do regularly at a building usually home with a stone floor and used for •Chore leisure or social•Something that is activities not what it seems •Terrace to be •Illusion
  4. 4. VOCABULARY•A natural ability •Servant, help to know where you are •An action meant to deceive or to •Sense of cheat; a joke direction •Trick•Someone who is paid to cook or clean someone else’s house
  5. 5. VOCABULARY•A day you don’t •Get someone to have to work start thinking •Day-off •Force someone to question•Unable to achieve or come true •Two people •Impossible •Couple
  6. 6. USEFUL PHRASES•I get the •The point is there impression is no point. •I have a vague •There is no real idea purpose to it.•What’s is the point •I figure ... of ...? •I think, In my •What is the opinion, ... objective/ purpose of ... ?
  7. 7. USEFUL PHRASES•Why don’t we just •To be occupied agree to disagree? with a certain task •Used to accept the different •To get someone’s opinions, at the attention end of a conversation •To make someone look or•To be busy doing listen something
  8. 8. The time The The place of day people A very Noon, AllMichael hot place lunchtime servants Large People family relaxing andKaren house in Morning enjoying the themselves country at home
  9. 9. VOCABULARY•Disorienting - •Amusing - funny making you feel confused and not •Mesmerizing - able to making you feel understand what completely is happening interested •Information •The ancient overload can be Rome disorienting. civilization is mesmerizing.
  10. 10. WHAT IS HAPPENING?•A man is sleeping •They break a in his home. window to enter but the sleeping•He is a heavy man does not sleeper. wake up.•Another man and •The intruders a woman break open the into the sleeping refrigerator. man’s home.
  11. 11. WHAT IS HAPPENING?•The man opens a •He says ‘Who’s bottle of soda, there’ after the drinks it, and couple leave. offers to the woman who says ‘No, thanks’.•Finally, the sleeping man wakes up.
  12. 12. Good Luck & Bad Luck 4B
  13. 13. VOCABULARY•A small house •An instrument made of wood that measures the amount of a car’s •Cabin gasoline•To put enough •Fuel gauge liquid in a container to make •To sleep for longer it full than you intended •Fill up •To oversleep
  14. 14. VOCABULARY• To ask for something • To have the right to because you think claim something you have the right to it • Qualify • Claim • She qualifies for a smaller prize. • No one has claimed the • A brother of a lottery prize yet. person you married to • Brother-in-law
  15. 15. VOCABULARY• To ring, or to make a • He managed to loud noise get the job done in time. • To go off • Almost not • The alarm clock didn’t go off, so he • Hardly overslept. • He hardly sleeps• Succeed in doing the night before something the test result. • Manage
  16. 16. FILL IN THE BLANK• Radio • Overslept• One • Nine• Numbers • Flat• Favorite • Fixed• Readable • Midnight• Taxi • Key• Ticket • Rock• Bad • window• Mountains