ukoer loughborough university engscoer engineering loughboroughoer msc bsc meng beng hnd tta104 stress strain key skills resources engcetl engsc particle technology richard holdich loughboroughunioer particles materials elasticity forces force loading plasticity stress-strain relationship shear technical report writing literature review report writing loads compression axially loaded structural members stiffness structural materials bulk modulus youngs modulus hookes law dilatational strain shear stress-strain volumetric strain poissons ratio failure equilibrium preparing for placement oral presentations introduction friction factor homogeneity rate of loading structures isotropy load temperature compliance method indeterminate indeterminate structures temperature effects stiffness method determinate structures determinate statically indeterminate structures stress concentration factor formulae structural failure far-field stress fracture yield limited design stress concentration fracture toughness fatigue shear loading tapered cross section axial member two-step steel rod deformation axial loading circular cross-section structural members rectangular cross-section steels aeronautic structures fractures density chart aluminium alloys brittle fracture ductile fracture advanced fibre-reinforced polymetric composites automotive structures strength alloys line defects tangent modulus behaviour of materials ductility index stress-strain deformations secant modulus constant volume line defects line defects tangent modulus behaviour of materials tangent modulus behaviour of materials ductility index stress-strain ductility index stress-strain line defects deformations tangent modulus deformations behaviour of materials ductility index secant modulus stress-strain secant modulus deformations secant modulus constant volume constant volume constant volume stress analysis st venant bolted joint tension strain measurement saint venants principal end effect moments determinacy statically determinate structures fbd sign conversion statics systems of units newtons laws moment structural systems free body diagram target efficiency mass balance diffusional collection bagless vacuum cleaner fibrous filters inertial collection gas cyclone lhnd powder flow pneumatic conveying rheograms hydraulic conveying non-newtonian dodge and metzner apparent viscosity lboro equilibrium orbit theory centrifugal head critical trajectory model filtering centrifuges grade efficiency washing sigma theory sigma machine drainage sedimenting centrifuges hydrocyclone sigma process cut size diafiltration microfiltration pore size ultrafiltration van der waal permeate flux crossflow filtration dlvo repulsion secondary membrane iso-electric point monofilament cloth specific resistance multifilament cloth t over v plot constant rate filtration filter medium resistance constant pressure filtration variable rate variable pressure filtration moisture ratio filter prediction cake filtration ergun modified reynolds number carman deep bed filtration kozeny carman porosity fluidisation voidage friction factor plot darcys law krieger equation viscosity batch flux kynch zone settling lamella settler buoyancy coe and clevenger thickener design richardson and zaki settling flux sedimentation thickeners heywood tables particle reynolds number field forces industrial clarification terminal settling velocity archimedes principle stokes settling equation fluid drag camp hazen settling basin drag coefficient stokes drag grades lecture educational shape factors video presentation spherical diameters particle size analysis specific surface area particle distributions size ranges
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