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Acronym Soup – NFV, SDN, OVN and VNF

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Shaun Walsh digs into some key differences between industry acronyms that is causing confusion in the industry – aka ‘acronym soup.’ Everything from network fabric virtualization (NFV), to software defined networking (SDN), to overlay networking (OVN) to virtual network functions (VNF). He breaks through the confusion, explains the differences and the similarities between some of these industry terms, as well as how Emulex fits into the mix.

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Acronym Soup – NFV, SDN, OVN and VNF

  1. 1. Acronym Soup
  2. 2. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Network Function Virtualization (NFV) – an alternative design approach for building complex telecom or service provider solutions that virtualizes entire classes of functions into building blocks that may be connected, or chained, together to create services and deployed on industry standard hardware. Examples include border gateways and routers, session controllers and voice services, security appliances and application delivery systems. 2 © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  3. 3. Building NFV Solutions Industry Call to Action for Telecom Networking Source: AT&T, BT, CentryLink, China Mobile, Colt, Deutsche Telekom, KDDI, NTT, Orange, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Telstra, Verizon 3 © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  4. 4. High Performance Packet Processing for Network Function Virtualization … … Services on Demand – Next Gen Services 1 – Commercial off-the-shelf IT platforms can host a variety of network applications New virtualization technologies allows abstraction and automation Software Defined Networking benefits NFV Data Plane Appliance n – Data Plane Appliance 1 Industry trends towards NFV Control Plane Appliance New paradigm for carrier networks New products for Hypervisor Mobile network nodes Virtualized home environments Tunneling Traffic analysis Converged network-wide functions Application-level optimization Security functions x86 Servers or MicroServers Emulex NVeX Reduced network costs, increased time to market, platform for innovation 4 SURF – – – – – – – © 2013 Emulex Corporation Hyper-V
  5. 5. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Software defined networking (SDN) – an emerging software architecture for networking infrastructure that separates the data plane, control plane and application plane and centralizes their management for greater flexibility, lower cost, improved process efficiency and simplified management. 5 © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  6. 6. Software Defined Network (OpenFlow) The controller acts as an interface between the physical network and the SDN layer 6 © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  7. 7. SDN versus/with OVN Software Defined Networking Virtual Network Functions Overlay Networks • Affects the Network infrastructure and how traffic is forwarded • Affects the Hypervisor and how VMs communicate with each other • Switch Vendors already invested a lot • Users need specialized Hardware and a SDN Controller • VXLAN = VMware • NVGRE = Windows • No special Hardware needed but Emulex/Skyhawk boosts performance • Admins can easily manage traffic flows from a single GUI 7 • Emulex is lead Vendor for HW offload for both Microsoft and VMware © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  8. 8. Flow Database VNF API OpenFlow Quantum OpenStack Player n Network Objects Network Hypervisor Layer Ecosystem Overview – SDN Virtual Networks Vs. OpenFlow Servers, vSwitches, VEB, NICs Standard Network Objects SDN is the network hypervisor layer SDN manages two classes of devices – Standard network object (forwarding tables in switches, routers, etc.) – New VNF objects such as servers, vSwitches, and VNF NICs – Emulex provides VNF NICs 8 © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  9. 9. Virtual Network Functions VNF=OVN Virtual Network Functions (VFN) or Overlay Networks (OVN) – a layered networking protocol that virtualizes a network on top of one or more other networks typically using encapsulation and tunneling techniques to increase scalability, portability of devices or offer features/services not available in the original network. Examples include SST, NV-GRE, VxLAN and the internet protocol (IP) 9 © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  10. 10. Virtual Network Functions/Overlay Networks Current Networks Overlay Networks Hypervisor Overlay Network 192.168.3.X Subnet A Subnet B 10.10.10.X Problem: VM Identifier = Location 10.10.11.X Solution: VXLAN, NVGRE, and/or… Having the VM Identifier equal to the identifier makes it difficult to have a true virtual environment No complex network reconfigurations or vendor lock-in Currently VMs can be easily moved inside a network segment Scales to millions of unique identifiers As virtual environments grow, limiting VM mobility to a single segment creates inefficiencies Preserves all investment in networking engineering & design Hardware offload in the server is required for lower cost overlay network designs Need to scale beyond the 4,096 VLAN limitation 10 © 2013 Emulex Corporation
  11. 11. Where the OCe14000 “Fits In” Outer MAC DA Outer MAC SA Outer 801.1Q Tag Outer IP DA Outer IP SA Outer UDP VNI VXLAN ID (24 bits) Inner MAC DA Inner MAC SA Optional Inner 802.1Q Tag Emulex OCe14000 Encapsulates VXLAN & NVGRE Packets Outer MAC 11 Outer IP Header (DA) GRE Header (Includes 24 Bit TNI) Inner MAC Inner IP Header (CA) © 2013 Emulex Corporation TCP Header TCP User Data Optional Ethernet L2 Frame
  12. 12. SDN and Overlay Network Collateral White papers: – Overlay Networks – VMware VXLAN – Overlay Networks – Microsoft NVGRE Tech Brief: – VMware VXLAN compatible hardware offload and integrated API technology— scalable, secure and L3 support Click Here To Open 12 Click Here To Open Click Here To Open © 2013 Emulex Corporation