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Empxtrack Recruitment Software

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Streamline your recruitment process using Empxtrack cloud-based Recruitment software. Meet your organization's unique needs and accelerate applicant tracking, hiring and employee onboarding with this easy-to-use and highly customizable recruitment software. Empxtrack is successfully integrated with IBM Watson Talent Frameworks that offers more than 3,000 ready-to-use job descriptions across multiple job families.

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Empxtrack Recruitment Software

  1. 1. 2 Empxtrack Recruitment Software Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
  2. 2. Key Challenges Faced by Recruiters Attracting ideal candidates based on job description Identifying the right skill sets in the prospective candidates Interview scheduling and candidate management Analysing recruitment data available with the company Guiding new employees on company policies and compliance procedures Balancing speed of hire with quality of hire Conducting orientation activities Managing paperwork and documents from the new hires Communication gap between recruiters and hiring managers Screening and Shortlisting qualified candidates to create talent pool Deciding on the best channels for sourcing the right talent
  3. 3. Map to existing recruitment workflow of any organization Empxtrack Recruitment Empxtrack integration with IBM Watson Talent Frameworks offers more than 3,000 ready-to-use job descriptions across multiple job families. The integrated solution reduces recruiters’ workload as job descriptions are ready-to-use and well-written. Customize processes to meet company needs Onboard new hires seamlessly Empower recruiters, hiring managers and new hires Improve candidate and recruiter experience Easy-to-Use, Highly Configurable and Customizable Recruitment Solution
  4. 4. Empxtrack Applicant Tracking System A Systematic way to Source and Hire Top Talent Manage comprehensive job postings using one single platform Link vacancies with job descriptions Use keyword search feature to parse resumes Accept, review, and manage high volume of resumes Send automatic response to applicants Shortlist candidates, schedule interviews and send offer letters Manage candidate interviews and interviewers Archive resumes for future reference Integrate with your email and calendar application. Minimize errors & reduce recruitment cycle time
  5. 5. Manage candidates View open requests Dashboard to display open job requests Create requisition Empxtrack Applicant Tracking System
  6. 6. Empxtrack Employee Onboarding System Speed Up Time-to-Productivity of New Hires Create, manage and track task checklists for new hires Send real-time notifications and alerts to new hires Create forms or use pre-configured forms to collect employee details and save time Save up to 16 hours in orientation activities for new hires Integrate Empxtrack onboarding tool with other systems Analyze onboarding metrics such as hire date, status and overdue tasks View onboarding activities and reports at-a-glance through dashboard
  7. 7. View all existing onboarding requests View onboarding checklist Create a new onboarding request Empxtrack Employee Onboarding System
  8. 8. 9 If you have any queries about Empxtrack recruitment software, please feel free to contact us or write to us at marketing@empxtrack.com Thank you Empxtrack Team Phone: +1-888-840-2682