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Build High Performing Workforce with Empxtrack Performance Management

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Empxtrack Performance Management is one of the most configurable and customizable products in the market. It has been developed to meet existing needs of an organization and help them build a high performing workforce.

Empxtrack Performance Management supports Goal setting, Performance Appraisals, 360 Reviews, Training and Development, Pay for Performance and Succession Planning.

This presentation highlights important features of multiple modules and their benefits that each stakeholder (employees, manager and HR) can gain by using Empxtrack.

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Build High Performing Workforce with Empxtrack Performance Management

  1. 1. 2 Performance Management – A New Approach to Build Productive and Engaged Teams
  2. 2. Setting employee goals is the first step in the planning process. Set goals that map to the job role of each employee. Track goal progress to view achievements and mentor employees as per corrective action plan. Goal Setting and Tracking “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Employees With pre-defined goals, employees know what is expected from them at work Managers Through goal setting, managers set clear expectations and easily evaluate employee performance against each goal. HR Manager HR understands employee contribution towards company goals.
  3. 3. Goal Setting and Tracking Empxtrack supports goal tracking. System will remind employees to fill in achievements periodically Setup goal weights to identify high priority goals Divide the goals into tasks & measures to mentor and guide employees Quickly view the status of goalsheets across the company Divide goals into categories for easier analysis and focus in multiple areas Quickly capture & view achievements View goal achievements and take remedial actions in a timely manner if achievements are slipping
  4. 4. Create a culture of continuous feedback and reviews. Use correct set of attributes to review employee performance and provide constructive feedback on ongoing basis. Performance Appraisal “Once-a-year appraisals do more harm than good” Employees Receive unbiased, personalised feedback continuously. Performance evaluation is transparent and objective. Managers Get year-round reports to fairly evaluate employees’ performance. Provide coaching and guidance on corrective action plan. HR Manager Have more visibility and transparency in the appraisal process.
  5. 5. Performance Appraisal Multiple forms to support various needs of an organization Managers can rate multiple employees simultaneously allowing comparative rating Identify HIPOs and Non-performers Configurable help to assist employees and managers Employees can enter ratings and comments, viewable by managers View status in real-time and run reports to extract data
  6. 6. Solicit feedback from multiple sources to get a well- rounded, holistic and unbiased view on employees’ skills. 360-degree Review “People don’t realize their strengths, until they come face-to-face with their weaknesses” Employees Get an opportunity to know how they are perceived at workplace. Managers Have a balanced look at team members’ performance and contribution. HR Manager Use multi-rater feedback wisely to bridge competency gaps and nurture future leaders. Select multiple reviewers for 360 degree review
  7. 7. Ongoing mentoring and coaching assures improved performance. Learning is a constant process, so hone unique skills of your workforce and prepare them to take the next big challenge. Training and Development “In training, there’s no losing or winning. It’s all about learning” Employees Learning and skill development helps in career growth. Managers/ Trainers Training helps to reduce skill gaps and support team development. HR Manager Build a productive and skilled workforce.
  8. 8. Training & Development Plan multiple training programs Centralize training database
  9. 9. Link employee performance with compensation to motivate the workforce. Identify top performers and reward them with incentives and bonus to lead others by an example. Pay for Performance “Those who perform better than others, deserve to be paid higher” Employees Get fair compensation for exceeding the expectations. Managers Create high performing teams & result-driven work culture. HR Manager Align rewards with employee performance to create a highly engaged, stronger & productive workforce. Create a variable pay plan Create multiple performance variable pay plans
  10. 10. Identify and develop potential successors in a systematic procedure. Prepare a succession pipeline to meet future requirements without interrupting business continuity. Fill each key role within the company by developing employees. Succession Planning “Succession Planning doesn’t start with people. It starts with the requirement of the position.” Employees Boost in morale. Reinforcement of career development. Feel valued and motivated to work. Managers Identify skill sets among the team members and develop high potential employees. HR Manager Ensure seamless handover of new roles and responsibilities to the next leader. Mitigate attrition by retaining talent pool of employees.
  11. 11. Succession Planning
  12. 12. Ease Of Use Why Choose Empxtrack Performance Management? Maps to existing processes of any organization Creates a performance driven culture Improves user experience Scales up productivity Empowers workforce Tracks & improves real-time performance Encourages frequent check-ins Identifies and rewards top performers
  13. 13. 9 If you have any queries, feel free to contact us or write us at marketing@empxtrack.com Thank you Empxtrack Team Phone: +1-888-840-2682