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Online Personal Branding,the Ghanaian way

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Hi,this slide give you a bit introduction to who i am ,what i do and most importantly what i am doing to make the world a better place tomorrow

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Online Personal Branding,the Ghanaian way

  1. 1. Unveiling each Chapter , One Day at a Time
  2. 2.  Hi, my name is Emmanuel F.Kumah, I am a web-content writer trainee and a blogger. In 2010, I founded The Thinkers’ Ink to provide free online services for Ghanaian businesses that needs a strong online presence. I am working hard to make (THE THINKERS GH) the leading blog consulting service in Ghana by the year 2013
  3. 3.  I have been involved in writing blog contents for a couple of businesses in Ghana.I love to write;and searching for Ghanaian based businesses with web-sites that needs content rich articles for their sites. I specialize in writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles and do a bit of business blogging irrespective of the line of business
  4. 4.  I am also a budding web developer and specialize in building stunning websites using open source content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. I have also built my competence in web development languages like :HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT ,don’t consider my self a pro.
  5. 5.  My mission in life is to unlock the potentials of the youth of Ghana, to influence their society positively and live a legacy that outlive them. And my vision is to be an Entrepreneur, a Loving father and a Transformational Leader. I would love to connect with you.
  6. 6.  You can connect with me on Facebook: facebook.com/Emmanuel F.Kumah LinkedIn: Emmanuel Fordjour Kumah Blog: emmanuelkumah.blogspot.com Email:mailkumah@gmail.com Or better still just Google Me.