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Smart Charging by Annie Gilleo

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Annie Gilleo, Policy and Market Development Manager at Greenlots gave this presentation at Forth's webinar on September 22, 2020

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Smart Charging by Annie Gilleo

  1. 1. Smart Charging Leveraging Technology to Deliver Site and System Benefits Confidential
  2. 2. About Greenlots Greenlots, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell New Energies, is powering the future of electric transportation with industry-leading software and services that equip drivers, site hosts and network operators to efficiently deploy, manage, and leverage EV charging infrastructure at scale. Our technology brings together cutting-edge network management software, integrated charging optimization, grid balancing services and a driver-friendly mobile app – all in a single platform. Founded in 2008 with over a decade of experience Headquartered in Los Angeles, California Global footprint with offices throughout the US and in Canada, India, Singapore, and Southeast Asia Over 250 Employees and contractors worldwide Working with utilities, cities, fleets, automakers and C&I customers across the US and the world Acquired by Shell New Energies in January 2019 Confidential 2
  3. 3. Turnkey EV Charging Solution Confidential 3 Greenlots Provides Value for the Entire EV Ecosystem Operations & Maintenance Advisory Services & Site identification System Design & Installation Hardware Sourcing & Procurement Software Energy Services Services that will help you to find local, state and national programs that incentivize EV charging infrastructure development as well as develop site plans, manage permitting and approvals. Our cloud-based software solutions give you the ability to deploy and operate EV charging infrastructure, while our mobile app provides high-quality driver engagement. Greenlots system engineers design and install Level 2 and DCFC infrastructure that considers the site energy load and power requirements to ensure reliable charging. Sourcing of a large choice of hardware including EV charging stations (L2 and DCFC), energy storage and solar from leading manufacturers that best fits charging needs. Greenlots O&M services ensure that your charging stations maximize their uptime. Customer Support Our customer support team provides a streamlined charging experience for all EV drivers and site hosts. We provide electricity supply and smart charging capabilities including load management and EV demand response.
  4. 4. Smart Charging for Site Load Management Confidential 4 Benefit: Eliminate or reduce the need for infrastructure upgrades and install more EV chargers than the site’s transformer capacity would allow Ensure electricity load management at a site Working mechanism: Automatic sharing of available power between EV chargers when charging load is expected to go beyond its limit EV Charging Load Sharing Benefit: Reduce electricity costs by preventing or curtailing charging sessions during hours with high electricity costs Working mechanism: Based on utility tariffs, site hosts can manually set the maximum site load for specific hours during a day when the cost of electricity is high EV Charging Load Scheduling Benefit: Reduce utility bills by pulling energy from the distributed energy resources (DER), rather than the grid during peak demand charges Working mechanism: Integrate DER, such as energy storage or solar PV, into EV charging systems Integrated DER & Storage
  5. 5. Smart Charging for Fleet Management Confidential 5 The SKY platform supports fleet billing and invoicing for different departments. Leveraging technology to streamline the transition to electric vehicles Billing & Payment The SKY platform provides detailed reports of fueling costs, including public charging & owned charging at the depos. Reporting Integrate SKY with fleet management and route optimization software to easily manage and track all your fleet assets. Electric Fleet Management Get the most out of your EVs and chargers by enabling the scheduling of vehicles based on priority, and the assignment of vehicles for specific chargers so that cars are fully charged and ready to go when needed. Vehicle telematics integration
  6. 6. Smart Charging for System Load Management Confidential 6 Utilities can leverage smart charging capabilities to: Preserve grid stability during times of peak demand or grid constraint Design a customized EV DR program Schedule and run EV DR events Target specific locations to send EV DR events Send notifications to site hosts and EV drivers through email or app about DR events Change driver pricing to incentivize charging during hours of low demand. Access advanced analytics and insights about DR events’ performance Utility Network EV Charging Network Electric Vehicle Charging Station Retail & shopping centers Homes Fast on-the-Go Workplaces Medium-duty vehicles Light-duty vehicles Heavy-duty vehicles Electric Buses DR Communication Standard Energy Flow Modified Energy Flow 1 2 3 4 5 6
  7. 7. Smart Charging in Practice Confidential 7 DCFC with behind-the-meter storage limits the demand placed on the grid. Leveraging technology to manage load across use cases and geographies HECO DER Integration SCE Workplace DR SDG&E Hourly Pricing Load shifting to reduce peaks and better integrate renewable generation. In-app controls allow drivers to set maximum willingness to pay
  8. 8. Thank you! Annie Gilleo Manager, Policy & Market Development agilleo@greenlots.com (202) 918-5880