Learning PHP for Drupal Theming, DC Chicago 2009

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Drupal Front End PHP

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Git Makes Me Angry Inside - DrupalCon Prague

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Functional FIPS: Learning PHP for Drupal Theming

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Evaluating Base Themes

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Form an orderly queue, ladies (OSCON, 2008)

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Work Flow for Solo Developers and Small Teams

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Version Control for Mere Mortals

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HICK Tech: The rural and modern technology conference

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Moving In: how to port your content from * to Drupal

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Drupal Multi-site for Fun and Profit

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Forensic Theming for Drupal

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Gamestorming Meets Quiet

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PSD to Theme: The SMACSS Way

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Responsive Web Design for Drupal, CMS Expo

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Version Control for mere and freelance mortals

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Presenting you - the workshop

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Managing a Project the Drupal Way - Drupal Open Days Ireland

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Writing Effective Self-Help Guides for World Domination

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