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Researching Topics in the Library Catalog

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Learn how to find books in the library catalog.

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Researching Topics in the Library Catalog

  2. 2. WHAT IS A LIBRARY CATALOG? A library catalog is a database of books, ebooks, streaming videos, and DVDs that a library owns. Library catalogs do not include journal articles. Often the words library catalog conjures up images of old drawers. Library catalogs are now online, and the BCC Library catalog searches over Harvard Law Library Score, by My Lil’ Rotten, Flikr 90 separate libraries!
  3. 3. SEARCHING THE CATALOG Step by step instructions on how to search the library catalog
  4. 4. FINDING THE CATALOG ON THE LIBRARY HOMEPAGE The catalog can be found on the home page of the library: http://bristolcc.edu/library/ Tip: • When searching, keep your topics broad, you can narrow your terms later.
  5. 5. NARROWING RESULTS You can narrow your results several ways: • By date published • By Library • By Subject • And many more…. • Scroll down to find where you can narrow by subject. I will choose to narrow by “social change”
  6. 6. NARROW FURTHER, IF DESIRED You can narrow by Library and Format. Keep in mind, though, as a BCC student you can borrow books from other libraries.
  7. 7. CHOOSE A TITLE Once you choose a title, you can read the summary and often the table of contents by clicking on the title. If the book sounds like one that would be good for your research, you need the following information: • Call Number • BCC Barcode Number & Pin (if book is not at BCC Library)
  8. 8. FIND YOUR BOOK In this particular case the book is located at another library (Richards Memorial Library). To borrow the book I will click on the button that says “Place Hold.” I will then enter the barcode number on the back of my BCC ID and my PIN. To have a PIN I will have had to register my ID in person at any BCC Library.
  9. 9. Thus concludes our exploration of finding books.