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Finding Law Reviews in Lexis Nexis

Use Lexis Nexis Legal to find Law Reviews on a specific topic.

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Finding Law Reviews in Lexis Nexis

  1. 1. FINDING LAW REVIEWS : LEXIS NEXIS A Guide By Emily Z. Brown
  2. 2. WHAT IS A LAW REVIEW? A “Law Review” is a scholarly journal often written by law students on a particular aspect of the law. Often specific cases are examined in light of a specific decision or topic.
  3. 3. FINDING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL You can get to the Lexis Nexis Legal database by either clicking on “Articles” then choose A-Z, or clicking on the Find Articles tab. For this tutorial we will go in through the Find Articles link.
  4. 4. FINDING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL Choose “Legal Research” from the subject List. This will also provide access to the Criminal Justice Collection.
  5. 5. FINDING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL Choose Lexis Nexis Legal from the list. (Westlaw Next is only available on campus. Please see a Reference Librarian for assistance).
  7. 7. SEARCHING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL In the upper right hand corner, choose Search By Content Type. Then choose “Law Reviews.”
  8. 8. SEARCHING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL Enter your search terms into the red box. Note that the words above the box indicate you’re searching Law Reviews.
  9. 9. SEARCHING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL In the following screen you will see your search results. From here you can choose to narrow by specific Law Review journal (Harvard Law Review, for example), or search within the results using the search box to the upper right.
  10. 10. SEARCHING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL A bit of an oddity in databases, please note that Lexis Nexis doesn’t link the title of the article but the copyright information. To see the article title, look below the blue link.
  11. 11. SEARCHING LEXIS NEXIS LEGAL When you have chosen an article by clicking on the link you will have full text HTML access, along with the citation, and several tools to print, email, save, or link the article.
  12. 12. Thus concludes our exploration of Law Reviews.