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Uit presentation Ruby

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Brief presentation on Ruby on Rails

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Uit presentation Ruby

  1. 1. Exploring Ruby on Rails
  2. 2. Why I like RoR More condensed, lots of power The gem installs are pretty cool The ability to install files is quick, the whole process seems “faster”
  3. 3. What I don’t like about RoR It’s another language, so it’s still hard to learn Seems kind of heavy, lots of add-ons in it. Wouldn’t use it for a blog/website The errors can be a bit confusing
  4. 4. Speakeasy From customer discovery: How would you decide which memories you would want to be recorded? - If I were to use it, I would use it for short memories of the Corner Brook Mill Whistle, which I already have a website on -- I could see it feeding into that project nicely. (www.whistleproject.com) I also could imagine using it to record my parents' memories from school, like pranks my father played on teachers or my mother's stories of going to an all female Catholic school. Would you recommend an app like this to friends? Why? - Sure. A lot of musicians would use this, people working in the music industry. They might not have a Facebook profile that’s shareable. But they might be new and not have a Youtube channel to share audio files. How many memories do you think should be part of a legacy project that would be hosted on an app? - I’m going to think with my children. Once a week, to see how they progress. Great for someone who had kids with speech issues, to gauge their improvement. How would you describe an app that records memories? - I would describe it as something that helps people feel a connection with their past.
  5. 5. All my good ideas are illegal