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Elmo Motion Control G-MAS: EASII Error Correction with Quick Config

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Elmo Motion Control G-MAS: EASII Error Correction with Quick Config

  1. 1. 1 Building a Motion Control System Has Never Been So Easy Learn and Practice online to easily setup any motion control system, Elmo’s new Remote Practice System (RPS) Motion control is the key to productivity in today’s automation systems. Motion control plays a crucial role in printing, packaging, laboratory diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and industrial robotics equipment. Efficient machine motion increases throughput, enhances quality and reduces costs. The complexity of building sophisticated motion control systems has just become simpler. Elmo Motion Control’s new free Remote Practice System (RPS) is now available. The system connects you to a preconfigured motion control hardware system using a video camera and a network connection. This enables you to configure, tune and run a motion control solution, quickly and easily. Simply logon to learn about Elmo’s advanced motion control and high performance servo technology features. An EtherCAT or CANopen networking enables a user to control any of Elmo’s servo controllers. No prerequisite knowledge of prior experience in motion control is needed. RPS does not require familiarity with Elmo’s drivers and controllers. The Remote Practice System (RPS) is an Elmo Motion Control exclusive easy-to-use learning and practice system. It’s intended to demonstrate Elmo’s simple and advanced set-up with any target machine. The RPS motion hardware system comprises of a motion controller, Elmo’s Gold Maestro, with three Elmo servo drives and motors, and Elmo’s Application Studio (EASII) software. This allows you to build a complete running system online with no need to purchase or install any hardware or application. It is an educational system for automation and motion control engineers. For beginners, it is an efficient and comprehensive introduction to advance motion control. For skilled engineers, it demonstrates the most updated state-of-the-art servo tuning, complex multi-axis capabilities and real time EtherCAT or CANopen networking.
  2. 2. 2 As Simple as A, B, C After logging in (or registering for the first time), the system enters the main screen. This screen contains several links to tutorials and exercises which assists and instruct the user with the EASII environment. By dividing the tutorials into top level and sub-categories, you can access many features directly. Simply navigate to any target tutorial and get started. For example, the Auto Tuning exercise walks the user through a few stages to complete a simple drive-motor tuning. Each tutorial box is paired with contents and goals description. A video camera feeds real time images for every specification entered on the system. A sequenced procedure walks the user through, step-by-step showing how to configure and calibrate motion control parameters. The procedures:  Configure the EtherCAT network  Perform complex multi-axis synchronized motions  Develop IEC-61131-3 programs  Perform simplified and advanced automatic motor tuning.  Show advanced system analysis in the frequency and time domains  Sequence motions and drive programing steps.  Record data. All demonstrated simply and easily without familiarity with motion control programming or Elmo’s drivers and controllers. Starting a RPS session takes you into the remote station control area on Elmo’s website. When accessing the station, the system is ready for operation in a default configuration. All drives are tuned and the motion controller is ready to perform a point-to-point motion
  3. 3. 3 Easy to Implement  Design, execute and test multi-axis motion from start to finish  Fast and easy drive setup and tuning with an automatic wizard interface  Simple to use intelligent motion tools for engineers at all levels  Super-intuitive platform that unifies communication, motion & programming Achieving Motion Precision Faster Elmo’s new generation EASII software gets machines to peak performance in a shorter time, making drive setup simpler. It puts powerful sophisticated software tools at the user’s fingertips. EASII is a new quick-tuning wizard that streamlines machine preparation and activates drive motion in a matter of minutes. Even newcomers use EASII’s advanced features to achieve fine-tuned motion precision quickly. Experienced users benefit from the widest range of precision control and diagnostics tools available today. The Microsoft® Windows® platform simplifies complex motion environments by integrating all of the activities in one environment:  Drive level configuration, setup and tuning  Servo performance analysis and optimization  Field bus network configuration, analysis and management  Multi-axis motion control organization and sequencing  Testing, monitoring, recording and troubleshooting  Advanced scripting Key Strength and Synchronization in a Motion Controller In the course of developing and running a motion control solution, a user performs multiple exercises. The motion controller provides real-time synchronization for any system tasks even the most demanding ones. Single or multi-axis equipment preforms to the highest operating levels. Inside each Gold Maestro motion controller, Elmo delivers years of dedicated motion control engineering and
  4. 4. 4 applications experience. Elmo’s products give the industry’s most advanced algorithms, distributed network intelligence, and proven machine flexibility. The Gold Maestro advanced controller’s key strength is the integration of all physical, numerical and logical processes required in complex machine motion. The more intelligently it interacts with the dynamic array of mechanical commands and real-time information, the higher the performance results. The Gold Maestro adheres to EtherCAT and CANopen networking standards, enabling precise, multi-axis control with cost-effective integration. It enables fast implementations using standard programming environments like IEC 61131-3, PLCopen, .NET and Win32 C++. Elmo’s standalone networked motion controllers, bring your single and multi-axis equipment to the highest level of performance it can achieve, today and tomorrow. Elmo Motion Control Inspiring Motion Since 1988 A leading global company develops and manufactures motion control solutions. Elmo successfully integrated millions servos worldwide since 1988. Elmo solutions focus on performance, reliability, safety and standards compliance. Our solutions are integrated into wide variety of applications from industrial to extreme environment automation. www.elmomc.com