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EU Course 236 Value Proposition Design – Spring 2017 Ed Mayuga

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EU Course 236 Value Proposition Design – Spring 2017 Ed Mayuga

  1. 1. Value Proposition Design – Communicating Your Value Through Digital Media Enterprise University Course 236 Spring 2017 – Ed Mayuga
  2. 2. How many of you have been in my class before? You will recall that I have spoken about social media and content marketing in the past.
  3. 3. There is need to discuss how to generate content to market to and persuade an audience.
  4. 4. Are you currently creating online content but feel that there is room for improvement?
  5. 5. At the end of today’s course, you will understand how to use content marketing to persuade.
  6. 6. Use Value Proposition Design to author content for the audience to know, like, and trust you!
  7. 7. The Art of Persuasion
  8. 8. Who do we tend to listen to? The Influencer / Maven / Insider
  9. 9. We seek the inside scoop on where to save money, solve a problem, get a deal etc.
  10. 10. What is the first thing you do when you need a product or service? You Google it.
  11. 11. We look for the information on the first page of Google results, social media, or
  12. 12. We want referrals from a trusted source, someone with credibility, an Influencer / Maven / Insider
  13. 13. We look for “social proof”
  14. 14. We ask our friends or family for referrals
  15. 15. Then, we may go to online sources for validation – i.e. Forums, groups, clubs etc.
  16. 16. We look for online reviews – Amazon, Yelp, etc.
  17. 17. How does someone become an Influencer?
  18. 18. Asks the same questions as you, but goes further and shares that knowledge online.
  19. 19. Lets people know that what mistakes they have made as well
  20. 20. Being authentic online translates into trust, which gives you influence!
  21. 21. Persuasion is a Process. It is Marketing.
  22. 22. Persuasion is when You persuade someone to do something. (Marketing)
  23. 23. The Art of Convincing, on the other hand, is when you convince someone of something. (Sales)
  24. 24. You need to understand their needs – PAINS vs. GAINS
  25. 25. Speak in the affirmative – let your audience know you have their best interests in mind
  26. 26. Be frequent and consistent with authoring and posting information online
  27. 27. Public relations are Earned Media, which persuades through building trust and credibility
  28. 28. PR has more impact than paid advertising because it’s harder to obtain
  29. 29. PR takes 2, 3, or 4 calendar quarters to take effect, but is effective at generating sales
  30. 30. If you want to find out more, check our Ann Marie’s EU Course 205: Public Relations 101
  31. 31. Building an Audience
  32. 32. You can evoke an emotional response by demonstrating that you care about their problems
  33. 33. Testimonials and LinkedIn Recommendations - You have an audience that can vouch for you
  34. 34. People can Google your name and find out what you know and discover content that you share
  35. 35. BUT, in order to persuade effectively, your audience needs to be engaged
  36. 36. People have to know you
  37. 37. Are you a thought leader?
  38. 38. Are you responsive to online inquiries and comments?
  39. 39. Locally, does your audience see you on STLToday or the…
  40. 40. People have to like you
  41. 41. How do you know that people like you? Have you asked your inner circle?
  42. 42. Are you easy to talk to and approachable in public?
  43. 43. Philanthropy and charity
  44. 44. People have to trust you
  45. 45. Is the product or service that you are marketing reliable and a good value? Why?
  46. 46. Do you back up your product or service claims with your reputation?
  47. 47. Do what you say and say what you do!
  48. 48. Value Proposition Design
  49. 49. Let’s pretend you are going to sell to these celebrities…
  50. 50. Let’s Work on Your Value Proposition Canvas!
  51. 51. Look at the Handouts
  52. 52. Let’s start with the Customer Profile first
  53. 53. Then we’ll transition to the Value Proposition
  54. 54. Who would like to share their Value Proposition Canvas?
  55. 55. Tell us about your product or service, then your Customer’s Jobs
  56. 56. What is your biggest challenge?
  57. 57. Feedback from the audience?
  58. 58. Pain Relievers and Gain Creators
  59. 59. Do your Pain Relievers match the Customer Pains?
  60. 60. What type of content/posts do you think that your potential clients would like to see?
  61. 61. Don’t confuse your Product/Service with Gain Creators
  62. 62. How do you receive customer feedback? I.e. Survey Monkey, client interviews etc.
  63. 63. Do your Gain Creators match the Customer Gains?
  64. 64. Let’s look at the positives that your Product/Service provide
  65. 65. Is there a correlation between Customer Pains/Pain Relievers?
  66. 66. Is there a correlation between Customer Gains/Gain Creators?
  67. 67. Does your product or service match the Customer’s Job?
  68. 68. What features/benefits would your potential clients want to see?
  69. 69. What additional benefits would your existing clients want to see?
  70. 70. Don’t confuse a product/service feature with a Pain Reliever/Gain Creator
  71. 71. How do we apply the Value Proposition Canvas to Content Marketing?
  72. 72. Sharing your knowledge
  73. 73. Long-form - an online article or white paper that demonstrates your thought leadership
  74. 74. Short-form – Facebook posts, Tweets, or short blog entries to do the same thing
  75. 75. Case-studies – real-life examples of how your product or service has helped your customers
  76. 76. Promoting Pain Relievers and Gain Creators
  77. 77. Where is your audience?
  78. 78. What is a simple social media post you can create today to promote these benefits?
  79. 79. Current marketing materials - Are you promoting Pain Relievers and Gain Creators?
  80. 80. Content Marketing Acronyms – WIIFM, TOMA, and FOMO
  81. 81. WIIFM – What’s in It for Me?
  82. 82. TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness
  83. 83. Through Social Networks and Digital Media
  84. 84. Persuasion through Social Media
  85. 85. Facebook / Instagram
  86. 86. User generated content – Keep in mind it is a “social” media site
  87. 87. Excellent for B2B marketing
  88. 88. Your posts appear on the Wall, similar to Facebook
  89. 89. Excellent tools for lead generation
  90. 90. Website / Blogging
  91. 91. Don’t build your brand on rented ground! Use a self-hosted website (Owned Media)
  92. 92. Content Management System (CMS)
  93. 93. If you blog, you can easily share that information through social media
  94. 94. Earned Media – Relationships with Industry Bloggers, Journalists, and Influencers
  95. 95. Enhances your reputation as an Influencer and thought leader
  96. 96. Gives you credibility and TOMA
  97. 97. A Google search for your name will list press releases and news
  98. 98. Earned Media placements are hard to obtain, but are extremely valuable
  99. 99. Lives on the Web indefinitely
  100. 100. Placements Local, Regional, National, and Trade Press
  101. 101. Can be used in marketing materials
  102. 102. Affirmation from the reporter and publication
  103. 103. Reporters have a story to tell
  104. 104. Media relations will position you as an expert
  105. 105. Articles are shared on social media by the author and publication
  106. 106. Paid Media
  107. 107. Pay Per Click - Show up on the first page of search results
  108. 108. Provides data that can help you with content authoring
  109. 109. Craft sales messages in- line with Facebook content
  110. 110. Sponsored Posts
  111. 111. Remarketing - Ads that follow you around your Facebook feed
  112. 112. Generate your email marketing list
  113. 113. Capture emails on your offer pages
  114. 114. Increases qualified leads in your email marketing database
  115. 115. Convert leads into buyers with special offers for insiders
  116. 116. In Conclusion – What We Discussed Today…