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The Mobile Future

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Slides associated with a presentation for the UN Communications Group; a group of senior communications Directors of the UN and its associated agencies. Presentation by Elliott King, Managing Director of MintTwist, a multi-national Digital Agency business.

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The Mobile Future

  1. 1. It‟s lovely to be here.
  2. 2. The mobile future?Presented by MintTwist – Geneva, June 2012
  3. 3. MintTwist
  4. 4. The “mobile future”
  5. 5. AimsPresentation on current “mobile trends” to provide a high levelview of the current and future direction of mobile technologyExamination of context from the point of view where wehave come from and where we are going with respect to„mobile‟Stimulate discussion on future communications strategywith respect to mobile
  6. 6. The mobile future1 Mobile trends2 Context: a short story of mobile3 The mobile future?4 Summary
  7. 7. Mobile trends
  8. 8. Planet earth is mobile Phone subscriptionsGlobally there are more than 5.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions
  9. 9. Planet earth is mobile
  10. 10. Planet earth is mobilePeople connect with their mobile devices in a numberof ‘modes’
  11. 11. Planet earth is mobile Not so smartThe majority of mobile phones are standard phones and are not considered to be smart phones
  12. 12. Phones are quickly becoming smarterSmart phone sales are growing faster than standard phonesalesImproved technology and falling costsAssociated development of mobile apps and servicesImproving networks/connection technology (2G, 3G, 4Getc.)
  13. 13. The rise of the smart phone What is a smart phone, anyway? VoIP calling, social networking, banking, Google searching, shopping and much more to come.
  14. 14. Enter the mobile devices So is it a computer or a phone?Technical: Smart phones are the convergence ofinternet and mobile technologies
  15. 15. Enter the mobile devicesMore tablets, smart phones and a host of emergingdevelopments will see more and more devices beingconnected via „mobile‟ internet.
  16. 16. Enter the mobile devicesGlobally in 2011, the number of smart phones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold
  17. 17. Enter the mobile devicesIn just a few years more people, globally, will connect to the internet from mobile devices than from PCs
  18. 18. How do these functions work? VoIP calling Social networking Mobile banking Mobile search Mobile commerce Etc.
  19. 19. Apps and mobile sites with touch with touch screen Apps and mobile sites interfaces interfaces Native apps Mobile sites
  20. 20. Native appsA native app is specific to the mobile OSApps are highly interactive (e.g. Games). Pushnotifications possible.Once downloaded they remain accessibleCan make use of many of the device features e.g.camera and contactsAre distributed on the platform marketplace (many arechargeable), this is a barrier to access
  21. 21. Apps
  22. 22. Mobile sitesWork across all devices and operating systemsMobile sites are excellent for information sharing andpresentationMobile sites are accessed via mobile browsers, they arefree to find and useGmail is a mobile site (mobile sites are sometimesreferred to as web apps)
  23. 23. Mobile sites
  24. 24. Mobile sites
  25. 25. Platforms for smart phones and tablets Google RIM Microsoft Apple (iOS) (Windows Phone) (Android) (Blackberry)
  26. 26. MoneyConsultancy for requirements specification / design briefetc. ??Consultative design and development servicesUser acceptance testing supportTraining on internal management and usage??Cost of ownership? Saas? Cloud? Security? Licensing?Third party systems Integration
  27. 27. Money
  28. 28. MoneyWebsite + CMS $100k, Mobile Site $20kMobile Site „in isolation‟ $40k
  29. 29. MoneySmall Website + CMS $20k + Mobile Site $4kMobile Site „in isolation‟ $8k
  30. 30. MoneyStandalone „app‟ that presents information $10kStandalone „app‟ that is highly functional $50k+++
  31. 31. Context: A short story of mobile
  32. 32. ComputersOne computer + one person Word processing Games
  33. 33. The internetLots of computers + lots of people
  34. 34. Wireless technology Mobile phone G (GPRS) PS
  35. 35. Wireless internet
  36. 36. Mobile internet Smart Laptop Tabletphones s s
  37. 37. What next?...
  38. 38. The mobile future?
  39. 39. Personal connectivity Person connected to the internet Being connected to the internet will become a default state
  40. 40. Connected devices Television and Games consoles radio
  41. 41. Location-based connectivityElectricity meter based on location Special offers based on Connected TV location based on location
  42. 42. Time-based connectivity Mum‟s Bank birthday! SupermarkeFridge t Communicating with things at the right time/trigger
  43. 43. Time-based connectivity Bank Supermarke Fridge t Communicating with things at the right time/trigger
  44. 44. Ultimate connectivity! Everything connected at the right time and the right place
  45. 45. What will the continued development of an increasingly accuraterepresentation of the preferences of every connected member of the world mean?
  46. 46. What is the trend?
  47. 47. Now We connect to the internet whenwe need/want to do something, then we do that something.
  48. 48. Mobile now/near futureThe internet alerts us when we need to do something and makes it increasingly easy for us do it.
  49. 49. The mobile future?The internet connects with our proxies* (as determined by our personalpreferences) when and where we need something to happen and will do that something for us (and sometimes it might choose to inform us ). *Our supermarket, our fridge, our bank etc.
  50. 50. Summary
  51. 51. DirectionUnderstand that swift development of mobile services andfunctionality (integration of QR code, AR, mobilepayments, location based messaging technology etc.) ishappening.
  52. 52. QR Codeshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJVoYsBym88&feature=youtu.be&t=46s
  53. 53. ARhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2OfQdYrHRs&feature=youtu.be&t=3s
  54. 54. Google Glasseshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R1snVxGNVs&feature=related
  55. 55. Key Points to Consider NowMobile Devices are different and are used differentlyIn a few years many more people will be connecting tothe internet from mobile devices than from PCsMore and more „things‟ will be connected to the internet.This will drive rapid innovation in mobile internet.
  56. 56. Key PointsIn some regions of the world the mobile is the primarycommunications device (no PC)In the developed world, mobile devices are increasinglybecoming the primary method of effecting internetcommunication (especially for „generation Z‟)
  57. 57. What does this mean for strategy? Social networking via Mobile and internet apps and mobile sites Mobile communications technologies are are a primary are overwhelminglyconverging. Strategy communications method location, time andneeds to move in the for an increasing context based. same way. number of „Generation Z‟ users
  58. 58. What does this mean for strategy?Mobile site, app, both, more?When do we want to create dedicated mobile experiencesfor our users?Why do it? Who is it for?
  59. 59. Thank You  Questions