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Healthcare Information Managment

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Healthcare Information Managment

  1. 1. Launching HealthVine: Healthcare information management mobile service
  2. 2. Time is of the essence when it comes to healthcare delivery.
  3. 3. Maintaining valuable prescription is critical.
  4. 4. Searching from piling medical records, prescriptions and bills is a hassle especially during an emergency
  5. 5. It’s never too late when you have access to medical history, fast and updated.
  6. 6. There is a need for healthcare information that connects patients, doctors and pharmacists.
  7. 7. A new form of healthcare information management is yet to be tapped
  8. 8. Who are in healthcare information management business today? (for diabetes management) (Good tie ups/network) (Allows you to store and (Indian website manage all health connecting colleges, office information ) & hospitals)
  9. 9. Where’s the gap Increasing costs Decreasing platforms
  10. 10. Blue Ocean Strategy Eliminate Raise Documentation & delays Portability Reduce Create Dependence on fresh reports Convenience partners (Travel, Insurance, Pharma cos can partner)
  11. 11. The Solution HealthVine “Healthcare information on the move”
  12. 12. Accessible Convenience Timely & updated HealthVine Portability Relevant Availability
  13. 13. Vision To be a world class seamless and timely healthcare information management provider
  14. 14. Scope of Business: Live Quotes • “There is a huge vacuum present in healthcare information resources in comparison to credible players like WebMD, Revolution health etc. in the US and thus people in India have a great need for a credible source of information.” • Mr. Nelson Feranandes, Online Marketing & eCommerce professional (Apollo Hospitals, ICICI Lombard, etc.)
  15. 15. Whom are we talking to Medical professionals Corporates/Staff Frequent Fliers/Travellers Insurance Companies Pharmacists Schools & Educational groups
  16. 16. How does it work Step 2 Step 1 HealthVine User subscribes stores to HealthVine prescriptions on mobile/website Step 4 Step 3 Special Prescription can Discounts at be retrieved certain with an SMS establishments code
  17. 17. Case Analysis: Insurance Scenario 1: Policy Holder • A Policy Holder conventionally undergoes a medical test prior to receipt of policy certificate • HealthVine’s partnership with the insurance company ensures that his health records entered in his proposal form are stored automatically on his portable GPRS enabled mobile device and he can retrieve the report at Rs. 2 per report • Revenue Sharing Model with the insurance company: • Rs. 1 to Insurance company and Rs. 1 to HealthVine
  18. 18. Case Analysis: Pharmacists • Scenario 2: Tie-up with OTCs including toothpastes (Tooti Frooti) and free dental check up coupon to be offered. This dental report can be subscribed via HealthVine at Rs.2 per SMS • Revenue Sharing Model with the toothpaste company: • Rs. 1 to Tooti Frooti and Rs. 1 to HealthVine
  19. 19. Disruption Breaking conventions: Corporate convention Marketing convention Consumer convention Communication convention
  20. 20. Breaking Corporate convention Brick & Click & Click & Mortar Mortar Portal Breaking convention of a physical space, the HealthVine revenue model is based on partnerships and works through the Vinner circle (explained further)
  21. 21. vinner circle The profits to the entrepreneur is based on commission earned through collaborating with groups, establishments and personal network
  22. 22. Breaking Market Convention Travel companies Pharmacists Dentists Telecom providers Corporates Educational Institutes Insurance companies Medical Organizations IT Gyms Purified water Restaurants Theatres Opticians Co-branding options are endless, marketplace boundaries are extended
  23. 23. Breaking Consumer Convention The consumer is not at the receiving end but is an active participant. He will input his health records and manage it himself. He is the co-creator of the HealthVine service
  24. 24. Breaking Communication convention Embedded messages in daily soaps Shows like Dill Mill Gayye or other popular medical drama (afternoon slot – 1 pm)
  25. 25. Promotional Plan Radio (AIR) Health Event Centre, Sponsorship Culture Club Media Mix Self Service centres at Interactive opticians workshop and dentists
  26. 26. Increasing retention: HealthVine Champion membership 1. Network of 100+ HealthVine partners 2. Discounts & free medical coupons
  27. 27. Special Events & Conferences HEALTHVINE INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT
  28. 28. Sponsoring Birthdays Sponsoring small events like anniversaries and b’days with the theme that HealthVine cares for your parents
  29. 29. Cultural Events & Park Branding HEALTHVINE Free medical advice, pamphlet distribution at Parks and other cultural gathering
  30. 30. HealthVine Health Bulletins “How involved are you with your healthcare?” – Q&A Bulletins with Health Experts
  31. 31. HealthVine Webinars Health Vine Webinars integrating doctors, specialists and patients in one common interface
  32. 32. Live Interactions: Industry Challenges • “Only the crème-e-crème layer has a reach to Internet or online media, the mobile penetration is high but there are word constraints (160 characters) infrastructure constraints in terms of coverage and connectivity with both of these. “ • “Nothing can replace a doctor, so anything and everything in healthcare should involve a doctor in the ecosystem for profit and marketing both.” - Dr. Ruchi Dass, Business Head at Kayaguru Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  33. 33. Solution: PPP Model is on the cards Marry public health system to private medicare for optimum delivery & accessibility of services e.g. GE Healthcare and Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
  34. 34. Reaching rural markets and underdeveloped nations • Arrangement of a referral application for community health workers (CHWs), administered by the community members themselves. • CHWs and their supervisors will possess the ability to monitor, in a consistent and standardized fashion, the progress of individual health results.
  35. 35. Plan of action for three years •Tie up with Telecom providers to provide app for GPRS enabled phones Groundwork •Service development •Test market in Mumbai & other metros Test Market •Expand in other markets •Communicate functionalities use innovative media Communicate •Collaborate and network with worldwide partners & Collaborate
  36. 36. Thank You Nisha Mathew Roll No 102 Archana Roll no 181