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Extending the Life of Your Brazilia...
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All starsbeauty allstarsbeauty.com - extending the life of your brazilian blowout

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All starsbeauty allstarsbeauty.com - extending the life of your brazilian blowout

  1. 1. AllStarsBeauty AllStarsBeauty.com AllStarsBeauty http://www.allstarsbeauty.com/ Page 1 Extending the Life of Your Brazilian Blowout Wouldn?t it be great if your Brazilian Blowout lasted forever? The immensely popular hair treatment makes such a miraculous change that it?s hard to imagine your hair will ever revert to the frizziness that you once dealt with on a daily basis. It?s a fact of life that no hair treatment lasts forever, but there are some things you can do to maintain your sleek new locks healthy and luscious for the longest possible stretch of time. When you?re getting ready to care for your new look, keep the following tips in mind: 1. Prepare for the treatment. Use a deep cleansing shampoo to get your hair as free as possible of contaminating substances. Some beauty product companies make cleansing formulas designed specifically to prepare hair for a blowout. If you want to color your hair at the same time, be sure to do that first. After the treatment, you will want to wait at least two weeks before coloring your hair. 2. Choose the right conditioner. With all the progress in hair-care research and technology, the perfect conditioner is out there. A good moisturizing conditioner can give your hair the nutrients and moisture it needs to keep it strong without weighing it down. This can help your radiant new look last longer by fortifying the hair with the proper protein balance while simultaneously maintaining the smoothness that you will look forward to every day. A protective protein complex can seal the cuticle to keep your hair healthy, sleek and free of tangles. Make sure that you choose a conditioner that was developed with the health of your hair as a focus. You can even find products that contain all-around health-promoting compounds from the a?ai berry, Brazil?s famous superfruit! 3. Don?t shampoo too often. Avoid using shampoo on your hair more than two to three times per week, as excessive cleansing can remove beneficial oils that keep your hair strong and shiny. When you wash your hair with shampoo, use a formula that includes a?ai berry products. If you are desperate to cleanse your hair every day, consider using a?ai- containing conditioner only, and skip the shampooing step. 4. Use a smoothing serum containing a?ai before blow-drying. You?ve probably noticed that the a?ai berry is popping up all over the place in this article. Well, they don?t call it a superfruit for nothing! Before you blow-dry your hair, it can help a lot if you smooth it down with a serum containing a?ai products. This will keep it from getting tangled in the short run, and extend the life of the treatment in the long run. 5. Stay out of chlorinated or salt water. Well, if it?s summertime, this rule probably won?t be an absolute. However, you will want to avoid getting your treated hair wet at the beach or in the swimming pool on a regular basis. Chlorine and salt can damage your hair and bring the frizz back faster. If you do plan to dunk your head in the ocean or the swimming pool, get your hair wet with tap water first so that it won?t absorb as much chlorine or salt as it would otherwise. 6. Keep getting the treatment. Be patient ? your Brazilian Blowout might fade away in a few months the first time you get one, but the treatment?s effects are cumulative. This means that the more you have it done, the longer it will last, and the healthier your hair will be. Document Tags: brazilian blowout, brazilian blowout shampoo, beauty supplies, what is the best shampoo and conditioner?