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5 Tips for Proper Speed Training Technique - Elite Gamespeed

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Running faster is something you train for, it's not just something you're born with. Even the fastest speed runners in the world had to work extremely hard to get where they are today. Nobody came out of the womb able to run a 40 in six seconds. It came after years of proper work ethic, proper training, a good diet and plenty of rest and recuperation. But it also takes technique. The following five tips will help you develop the exact technique you need to achieve the kind of running speed you've only dreamed about.

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5 Tips for Proper Speed Training Technique - Elite Gamespeed

  1. 1. When you're training for speed, your mind will sometimes work against you. While your body is pushing as hard as it can, your mind is telling you, "This is uncomfortable, this hurts and you should stop." But you can't listen to your mind if you want to run faster. Instead, think positively. Tell yourself that you are running faster, that your training is effective and that you can do anything you set your mind to. Just try it and you'll be amazed at how effective this tip can be.
  2. 2. What do you do with your hands when you train for speed? If you keep your fists clenched, you're expending precious energy that should be going to your legs. Instead, keep your hands loose and relaxed and save the juice for where it counts.
  3. 3. If you don't breathe properly, you'll never get faster. Your body's muscles require oxygen if you want them to function at their maximum potential. To breathe properly during sprinting, you should breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to breathe as deeply as you're able to in order to flood your body and muscles with clean oxygen. The more you feed your muscles, the better they'll perform for you. And that's why proper breathing is probably the most effective tip you can incorporate into your speed training regimen.
  4. 4. You can always tell an experienced runner by the way they start off a race loose and relaxed. The amateurs are the ones who tighten up as they prepare to give their bodies everything they can. When you tighten your muscles with the intent of pushing as hard as you can, you leave yourself open to injury, which could not only make you slower but could also sideline you for an entire season or more.
  5. 5. Your body not only needs oxygen in order to operate effectively, but it also needs water and lots of it. The way your body works, if you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated. So make sure you are constantly drinking water as you train, especially in hotter weather. Keep feeding your body the water it needs and it will perform exactly as you want it to.
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