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The Queer Theory

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The Queer Theory by Judith Butler

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The Queer Theory

  1. 1. The Queer Theory CREATED BY JUDITH BUTLER
  2. 2.  The Queer Theory is based on Judith Butlers work and research, in particular her book gender Trouble, 1990.
  3. 3.  Butler suggested that Identities are not fixed and they do not determine who we are.  She said it is silly to classify people into groups because of one shared characteristic.  Somebodys identity is made of many different characteristics
  4. 4.  Butler said that feminism was wrong in asserting women as a group with a common characteristics as it divides humans into two clear groups- men and women. This means that people don’t have the capabilities to choose their own identity.
  5. 5.  Butler prefers the idea that gender is a variable which can change in different contexts and times rather than a fixed attribute
  6. 6.  She argues that there is a continuum in which the sex of a person causes their gender which creates a desire towards another gender. Her approach, which is linked to Foucault, is all about the idea of gender being flexible and not caused by stable factors. Gender is a performance; what you do rather than who you are.