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Free RSS Feeds and Widgets

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This is surely an intriguing content I came upon this morning. I do not 100% concur using the articl...

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Free RSS Feeds and Widgets

  1. 1. Free RSS Feeds and Widgets This is surely an intriguing content I came upon this morning. I do not 100% concur using the article author, however I located it to be an excellent read. If you have a new second a person need to give it a new look. Keep up to date with ThisOldHouse.com: how-to videos, step-by-step projects, inspirational photos, and expert home improvement advice. Delivered daily to your personal homepage: If you already have an RSS reader, use the following links to subscribe to the ThisOldHouse.com feeds: What is RSS? RSS stands for "really simple syndication" or "rich site summary." As the name implies, it's an easy way to stay up-to-date with what's happening on a Web site. The "feed" itself is simply a message, automatically sent to subscribers, that consists of a list of headlines and, in some cases, brief excerpts from new content. For instance, ThisOldHouse.com's RSS feeds supply continually updated headlines and excerpts from our latest stories, galleries, and blog posts--along with links to the full articles on the site. How can I get thisoldhouse.com's RSS feed? To create your own customized page on which you can receive feeds from ThisOldHouse.com, you'll need an RSS reader, known as an "aggregator." Some readers are standalone applications that run on your desktop and behave much like common e-mail software, while others are Web-based. Also, some newer browsers, such as Firefox, can handle RSS feeds. What are the benefits of using ThisOldHouse.com's RSS feed? Because our feeds automatically update as stories are added to the site, you get all of our excellent home improvement help--from planning ideas to how-to repair--instantly, just when you need it. http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/rss