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ICT Based Practices in PSUs- A K Sharma, Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board

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ICT Based Practices in PSUs- A K Sharma, Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board

  1. 1. People with Grievances Attended SolvedChief Minister’s OfficeGovernment of Gujarat, India SWAGAT State Wide Attention on Grievances through Application of Technology Functional since April 2003 eindia.eletsonline.com
  2. 2. Independent assessment:Winner of UN Public Service Award2010ISO 9001:2008 for administration andoverall governance assessed SWAGATand found the processes effective (2009).Award of Excellence CSI Nihilente-Governance for Chief Ministers OfficeGujarat (2010-11).National E-Governance Gold Award for outstanding performance in citizen-centric delivery (GoI 2011).University of Manchester, UK and Commonwealth TelecommunicationsOrganization consider SWAGAT as an excellent model of e-transparency ande-accountability (2003).Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information & Communication Technologycase Study of SWAGAT e-governance (2008).Governance Knowledge Centre (GKC) of DAR&PG under World BankProject Capacity Building for Good Governance: online case study (2009). eindia.eletsonline.com
  3. 3. In the local language SWAGAT means WelcomeFirst and foremost, it denotes that citizensare welcome to the Forum named SWAGAT eindia.eletsonline.com
  4. 4. “People’s voice is the key driver of a democracy……and listeningto that voice is the key test of Good Governance” Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat,eindia.eletsonline.com India
  5. 5. SWAGAT – the conceptGrievance redressal is key to Good Governance: efficiency, transparency andspeed in redressal is key to citizen satisfaction Case Video Hon Chief Information on Applicant conferencing Minister screen Senior OfficersSecretariat Level and SWAGAT Senior Officer Administration Team o An expectation should ideally be met duly, it should not convert into a Grievance o If it does, it should be redressed at the local level o If it is not, the buck must stop at the highest level o Accountability must be fixed at the appropriate level eindia.eletsonline.com
  6. 6. Impact: 208,416 applicants; 91% cases resolved Applications made Applications Resolved Case resolution has reformed policy and reduced long-pending grievances 104737 100940 Policy Matters: where a limitation or gap in the policy requires attention 54038 53612 Long-Pending: where the case has 48440 remained unresolved after at least 6 34236 months after initial application First-Time: such cases are first 1201 1150 referred to the concerned lower office State District Sub District GramLaunched: Apr 2003 Jan 2008 Feb 2011 for attention • Total Transparency: all stakeholders are present in real-time with online record • Administration activated as Hon CM is directly reviewing cases • Inputs from all allow fair decisions: citizens, key Officers and elected members • Highest-level authority gain awareness of nature of problems at local levels • Awareness of practical issues of local administration eindia.eletsonline.com
  7. 7. Before SWAGATPublic grievances were not handled systematically Paper-based Not transparent: process was Officials had no cumbersome & fear of being lengthy exposed Common person No system for has no access to monitoring or higher levels follow-up eindia.eletsonline.com
  8. 8. Format for online applicationAll grievances & redressal information (State, District & SubDistrict) are fed into the same system, through an online portal eindia.eletsonline.com
  9. 9. Information viewed byHon. CM duringState SWAGAT Sessions eindia.eletsonline.com
  10. 10. Integrated from State to Sub District & VillageAnalysis of January 2011 SWAGAT casesImpact across all sectors for all areas: at monthly State Sessions:Hon. CM reviews District and Sub District cases for:1. Quality of redressal2. Understanding the nature of problems at local level Industries and Mines Rural Development Revenue Department Home State: 13 cases 0 5 Home Urban Development District: 557 cases Revenue Department Panchayat and… 0 100 200 Water resources Sub District: 4116 cases Urban Development Rural Development Revenue Department Cases attended at SWAGAT session, 27th January 2011 eindia.eletsonline.com 0 500 1000 1500 2000
  11. 11. SWAGAT: ICT Infrastructure - GSWAN District Centres (25) Sub District Centres (239) BSNL 8-2Mbps eindia.eletsonline.com
  12. 12. SWAGAT operates onGujarat State Wide Area Network (GSWAN)• Connects all 26 Districts to State Data Centre with 8Mbps to 2 Mbps connectivity • Leased circuits provided by BSNL, Reliance and Tata Tele Services • Interconnects 8,496 District and Sub District Offices • 23,017 user-IDs created for Government Officers• Video conferencing centres at: – 26 Department Offices – 26 District Offices – 239 Sub District Offices• Platform: – Microsoft Dot Net 2.0 as front-end – SQL server 2005 as back-end – Unicode fonts for regional language support (Gujarati) eindia.eletsonline.com
  13. 13. SWAGAT live multi-conferencing across GujaratState Wide Knowledge sharing as all 26 District and 239 Sub District Offices are present through live video- conferencing at all Sessions eindia.eletsonline.com
  14. 14. Applicants aregiven a unique ID through which applicants can access their casedetails and statusonline - anywhere TOTALTRANSPARENCY eindia.eletsonline.com
  15. 15. SWAGAT IMPACT• Quick relief and satisfaction to the common people when grievances attended at the highest level• Severe action against delinquent officials• Policy changes that are far-reaching• Administrative process re-engineering• Direct feedback from the ground level regarding practical issues of administration• Administration activated as Hon CM is directly reviewing cases eindia.eletsonline.com
  16. 16. Lessons Learned• Focus on outcomes has driven the system to ensure positive outcomes.• Chief Minister interacts personally so there is greater attention to resolving cases successfully.• Systemised process ensures administration is organised and prepared• Activates local level administration by the system requiring local level grievance resolution before consideration to escalate to State level• Analysis of policy issues through compilation, classification and analysis of data has brought to fore many policy issues which have been resolved• State-wide Administration interaction as Officers of all Districts and Sub Districts view and participate in the SWAGAT sessions. eindia.eletsonline.com
  17. 17. Thank You http://swagat.guj.nic.in/ www.gujaratindia.com eindia.eletsonline.com